Выбираем пиджачок. Стильные фото новинки образов с пиджаками

Each image can become special if you add the right element to its components.

One of these elements of the basic wardrobe can be a women’s jacket, which is so gorgeous in modern looks, both for accomplished ladies and active girls who are just looking for themselves in this world.

In fact, fashionable jackets from year to year are in some way similar to each other, because thanks to the peculiarities of the outfit, they are able to be laconic, give the image a touch of restraint and good quality.

But nevertheless, 2019-2020 jackets have been updated by designers, and even if these are not radically new solutions, there are so many worthwhile examples that are worthy of attention.

Lifestylewomens took the opportunity to put together the most impressive new pieces of this outfit for you.

We have found the best women’s blazers 2019-2020, which are worn with great pleasure by the most stylish women around the world.

Fashionable jackets 2019-2020 will present newfangled styles of traditional and non-standard cut, as well as stylish interpretations and models that represent one or another style of the fashion sphere.

More about them …

Women’s blazers 2019-2020 – an indispensable wardrobe attribute for all occasions

Choosing a jacket.  Stylish photos of new outfits with jacketsIn the period under discussion, women’s jackets will become the most demanded, as the finishing element of the casual, smart casual street, office look, and non-trivial sets with jackets in an elegant style with skirts and dresses.

Note that women’s jackets in classic variations are still very popular, because they have notes of minimalism, which makes it possible to form the most diverse outfits.

Unique jackets for every day and for a special occasion are close to the classics, but they still have in their arsenal not only many sophisticated and elegant options, but also sometimes daring and spectacular models that surprise.

In our collection, fashionable blazers 2019-2020 are declared, depicted in tandem with trousers, skirts, shorts, dresses, which are implemented as cohesive sets.

As a rule, if you do not know what to wear with jackets, the idea of ​​a suit is the most optimal, because the set practically does not require additional details, it is enough to choose shoes, a bag and, if necessary, a top or blouse under the jacket.

But if blazers combined with another element of the same fabric and in the same style do not arouse your interest, we suggest looking at what to wear with women’s blazers, except for suit options.

Stylish blazers 2019-2020 as a guarantee of an impeccable look for every day and evening out

A properly selected jacket can transform a bow in any direction, because the abundance of models will satisfy even the most discerning madam.

Women’s jackets, made of excellent quality material, will harmoniously look on your silhouette, giving your look an elegant high cost, and showing your non-trivial style in the best possible way.

Since the designers tried to present us with some new solutions for this element, in the near future women will be able to appreciate not only black, blue, beige, and brown jackets.

The assortment of boutiques will include beautiful blue, pink, mint, yellow, white, red, gray, green women’s jackets, as well as models in many other unique shades that impress with their originality and at the same time impeccable simplicity.

Against the background of monochrome traditions, designers will re-evaluate and present to the judgment of fashionistas women’s jackets in contrasting thin or wide stripes, versatile women’s jackets with cellular patterns, unique elegant jackets that reveal the versatility of the floral theme.

It is not difficult to guess that fashion trends will affect women’s jackets 2019-2020, dressing new models in an extraordinary animal print, for example, in variations of a leopard, a zebra, which sometimes will not be presented in their traditional colors.

Women’s blazers with ruffles and short sleeves, models with slits and patch pockets will look cute and flirty.

Many will be inspired by novelties with characteristic inscriptions, peas, voluminous pop-art drawings, which have not lost at all, but on the contrary have gained even greater relevance from last season.

Our collection includes a variety of women’s jackets for 2020-2021 in different colors, but it is worth mentioning separately the white models, which improve any outfit with notes of lightness, elegance, perfection, giving it a truly elegant mood.

No matter what new jackets for women designers come up with, blazers with an English collar, impeccable and loved by everyone for many years, will not leave any woman indifferent.

Jackets with a stand-up collar shape, original military-style jackets, spectacular jackets with many buttons, extraordinary models with a peplum and asymmetry will also receive their portion of attention.

If you are a slender lady with an impeccable figure, it is appropriate for you to choose both fitted, cropped blazers, and elongated models of blazers that do not constrain movement, or informal variations in a masculine style.

Cape jackets will be considered the most exciting and immediate in 2020-2021, regardless of the time and season.

Seasonal style is presented in models of jackets with open shoulders, which look very flirty, both in a suit and in a set with jeans and skirts, dresses, where a non-trivial style undoubtedly plays a solo role.

Jackets without a collar, or with reversals, which slightly open the neck and slightly shoulders due to the non-standard cut lowered along the shoulder line, with an emphasized wide belt at the waist, or non-standard asymmetry, have become a new-fashioned chip.

Such a model looks very feminine and seductive and, undoubtedly, is able to transform any lady.

Women’s jackets 2019-2020 – the best way out in cases of need to always be on top

Undeniable, but true! High-quality, sturdy women’s jackets make a woman more elegant, and her appearance truly deserves the attention of others.

In addition to the fact that women’s jackets will replace your outerwear, they are able to surprise with limitless combinations with the most unexpected things from your wardrobe.

So at the peak of popularity today, women’s jackets in pastel shades that you can wear with elegant shorts.

Such a bow will appeal to slender young ladies, but if you are a gorgeous lady, it’s okay, just choose a longer model of shorts, or skirt-shorts, culottes, which will be the perfect solution to improve your look.

Ideal tandem: light fitted jackets with a flirty belt and light midi skirts in pleated style, bell, pencil.

An incredibly beautiful duet: fashionable jackets and quivering summer dresses to the floor and chiffon midi, which are so attractive in everyday bows, although they look very elegant and effective.

A universal combination: to wear jackets with trendy jeans, because such an image is a godsend for students, office workers who do not have a dress code, mothers who are engaged in a child, but at the same time want to look great every day for a walk, etc.

It is also possible to create a unique evening set with a jacket, if you combine a cropped model of a jacket without a collar and buttons, or a classic cut with …