Мега стильные бомберы. С чем носить бомберы. Фасоны. Образы

There are plenty of outerwear ideas today, and each lady chooses an outfit to her liking.

Nevertheless, there are things that must be present in the wardrobe of every fashionista, since they will be able to transform many seasonal looks, warm you in cold weather or on cool days of warm pores, improve your image and perception of others.

Continuing to present clothing trends for you, this time our interest was riveted by fashionable women’s bombers.

What is a bomber jacket? What to wear bombers with? What fashion bomber jackets should women buy to be able to model practical and stylish bows at the same time?

We will tell you about all this in our review “Fashionable bombers. What to wear bombers with. “

What are bombers? Features and benefits of the style

Mega stylish bombers.  What to wear bombers with.  Styles.  ImagesWomen’s bombers represent a kind of jacket without a turndown collar that women received in an already modernized version from the male shoulder of courageous aviation workers.

Most often, bombers can be recognized by the typical for this type of jacket, plain or striped elastic collars, cuffs, jacket hem.

New-fashioned bomber jackets for the fair sex have become so versatile that women wear them with great pleasure in spring, summer, and in the autumn-winter period.

Since bombers are being improved and modernized every year, new models will appear in trendy seasonal looks, because you can buy bombers in different styles, fabrics, lengths, and color palette.

The designers offered raincoat fabric bombers, leather, suede, denim, velor, satin, velvet, plush, quilted bombers, as well as combined bombers that combine several textures.Mega stylish bombers.  What to wear bombers with.  Styles.  Images

In the coming seasons, bomber jackets will impress not only with the abundance of fabrics, but also with the originality of their design.

Fashion masters offered women bomber jackets not only in plain colors, but also beautiful spring-summer floral, checkered, striped bombers, spectacular bombers with voluminous patterns.

For autumn and winter, fashionistas will be able to buy bombers with an animal print, as well as bombers with stripes and emblems on the back and front in the form of dragons, wolves, lions, floral images, sports symbols, etc.

In fact, fashionable bombers 2021 will delight all women without exception, because regardless of whether you wear business-style clothes or prefer sport-chic and street-style looks, you can buy bombers for any type of sets.

We have selected for you women’s bomber jackets 2021, which can be designated as the top among jackets in this style.

About them in a short TOP list …

Fashionable black bombers

Mega stylish bombers.  What to wear bombers with.  Styles.  ImagesBlack bombers are most often present in women’s wardrobes, because no matter what color you have other things, black bombers will be appropriate in any case.

Black bombers can be made of suede, leather, raincoat, plush, fur, knitwear and other fabrics.

Black bomber jackets are presented both in a monochromatic solution and with stripes, inscriptions, labels – in a sporty style.

Women’s bomber jackets in abundance of season colors

Mega stylish bombers.  What to wear bombers with.  Styles.  Images

In addition to black options, fashion designers presented women’s bombers in colored styles, in particular white, pink, khaki, emerald, red, burgundy, bright azure, blue, blue, fuchsia, golden glossy, mint and many other solutions.

Colored women’s bomber jackets will adorn the silhouettes of girls in the mid-season, when most of all you want to create bright and impressive bows with bombers and skirts, dresses, shorts, etc.

In spring and summer, the most popular will be pastel bombers, which will be very harmonious in delicate bows with lace and chiffon skirts and dresses, pleated, fluffy, fitted, wraparound.

In autumn and winter, rich bomber jackets will complement sets with skirts and dresses made of knitwear, leather, tweed, velvet and mixed fabrics.

Fashionable bombers. Length options

Mega stylish bombers.  What to wear bombers with.  Styles.  Images

The beautiful short bomber jackets of 2021 will become favorite for many girls, especially for those who have the perfect figure, because there are plenty of models that will be offered to fashionistas in the coming season.

You can combine short bomber jackets with jeans, trousers, and the most feminine midi dresses and high-waisted skirts, complementing the looks with comfortable or elegant shoes.

And although bomber jackets in a shortened version are the undisputed bestsellers, the designers invited stylish and extraordinary personalities to appreciate the extraordinary elongated bombers just below the thigh.

Such women’s bomber jackets also look incredibly stylish in various informal ensembles, especially if they are made of quilted fabric, have a metallic sheen, or are embroidered with original embroidery.

Laconic and elegant female bombers

Mega stylish bombers.  What to wear bombers with.  Styles.  Images

While bomber jackets are most often associated with sporty clothing, that is about to change this season.

Stylists offer women to consider images where bomber jackets resembling a windbreaker will be made of satin, leather, velvet, raincoat fabric, and at the same time look very laconic, and even elegant.

You can wear such fashionable bombers to work, to the office, combine with exquisite styles of clothing, for example, trouser suits, sensual blouses, fitted and wide trousers, lace and suit skirts, models of dresses and skirts with frills, folds, decorated with ornaments.

Sports bomber jackets and sport chic models

Mega stylish bombers.  What to wear bombers with.  Styles.  Images

We have no doubt that almost everyone will like sports bomber jackets, because this style is ideal for walking, shopping, playing sports, and to be honest, you can wear such bombers almost everywhere.

You will recognize informal sports bombers and sports-chic models from afar, because they are decorated with sports labels, stripes, numbers, and often inscriptions, familiar for this direction.

The color scheme that defines sports bombers can be very different. Black, white, red, orange, dark blue and other interesting combined, contrasting bomber jackets in sports style are relevant.

Printed and embellished bomber jackets

Mega stylish bombers.  What to wear bombers with.  Styles.  Images

Undoubtedly, bomber jackets will become a must-have for all seasons, because by choosing bombers of a certain fabric, you can wear this jacket all year round.

Hooked on the printed and decorated women’s 2021 bomber jackets, offered by a lot of interesting variations.

Original fall-winter bombers – options from denim with stripes, models with fur inserts, as well as wonderful bombers with hand embroidery on satin or silk fabric.

Women’s bomber jackets with patterns will conquer, which will perfectly fit into your extraordinary outfits thanks to the leopard print, abstract and camouflage patterns.

See bomber jackets with decorations and prints in our collection and get inspired by the options, which will help you buy bomber jackets according to your taste.

Striking bomber jackets with metallic shimmer and sequins

Mega stylish bombers.  What to wear bombers with.  Styles.  Images

We have already designated for you such bomber jackets as:

  • Leather, velvet, denim
  • Satin, velor, plush
  • Bombers windbreakers in an elegant style
  • Sports and sport chic bombers
  • Colored and black bombers
  • Combined bombers with inserts
  • Exquisite bombers with embroidery, drawings, inscriptions