Учимся, что носить зимой. Красивые зимние образы для активных леди

Autumn has already taken over as the owner, which means that you need to actively warm yourself, as the fashionable winter is approaching tirelessly.

And, as in previous seasons, women are worried about the most important fashion question, namely, what to wear in the winter of 2021-2022.

In previous reviews, we have already briefly revealed the secrets of drawing up a seasonal wardrobe, and today we focus your attention on the question of what to wear in the winter of 2021-2022.

Since today stylists recommend wearing not only a separately designated style in winter, but creating fashionable bows in an individual style, fashionistas will be able to compose their seasonal looks in an elegant, daring, sophisticated and neutral manner, for every taste and for any purpose, based on at the same time on the current trends.

The stylists indicated that feminine sets should be worn in the winter of 2021-2022. And even if your winter bow includes things that are far from tenderness, elegance, sophistication, the main thing is that the motive of femininity and fragility is present in the image.

What exactly winter fashion 2021-2022 dictates to us, and what to wear in winter is recommended to us by the most stylish women of fashion in the world and eminent trendsetters, we will tell about this further …

What to wear in winter? Stylistics

Learning what to wear in winter.  Beautiful winter images for active ladiesEach season has its own style and motives. Having learned what to wear in winter, you will find that the winter period is also full of original stylistic ideas and their combinations.

Along with expressive looks, what to wear in winter will be very popular, more laconic bows are in trend in the direction of casual, minimalism, retro and office style.

It is quite expected that women of fashion will want to wear warming fur products, spectacular leather clothes, comfortable denim, thick tweed, cozy wool, voluminous knitting and versatile knitwear in winter.

Typically, what to wear in winter, young ladies will want oversized clothes and comfortable shoes on a low run in a sport-chic and military style.

But true ladies, undoubtedly, will decide to transform their images with midi-length things, complementing winter bows with hats, caps, handbags, scarves and other accessories, without which no image can play with special notes that reflect the individuality of a lady.

In order to clearly understand what to wear in winter, we advise you to consider fashion trends in clothes in a monotonous design, while not forgetting what to wear in winter, you can and should have spectacular and extraordinary winter bows in an animal, geometric, abstract solution.

Undoubtedly, it is important to indicate what to wear in winter, very cool things with a bright and challenging pop art pattern, spectacular inscriptions, which are sometimes quite amusing.

The off-season cell, such a many-sided strip, as well as floristry in an embodiment close to the season, do not age either.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the trendy animal print has shown itself in completely different ways. It can be natural, characteristic of its representative, or cardinally contrasting – against an unexpectedly bright background. In winter, you can wear clothes with the color of a zebra, leopard, snake, tiger, reptiles.

You can show a wonderful sense of taste if you decide what to wear in winter, cool winter total bows, and it does not matter if you choose red, black, beige, gray or white total bows in winter, the main thing is that your things are in harmony with each other and impressed to you.

It is also important to wear a tandem of several prints in one ensemble in winter, for example, a cage and abstraction, a cage and a strip, polka dots and a strip, etc.

We have named you the main winter clothing trends 2021-2022, what to wear in winter will be stylish, relevant, in the subject, and now for you a few more specific decisions, what to wear in winter you can safely, in order to always be at your best, wherever you go.

What to wear in winter for overweight women?

Learning what to wear in winter.  Beautiful winter images for active ladies

We decided to present our first idea of ​​what to wear in winter to the most luxurious full women, who sometimes complex, choosing new clothes for themselves, and prefer faceless things.

But in no case should you do this, on the contrary, when deciding what to wear in winter, prefer bright and charismatic images with prints, as, for example, you can see in the photo.

For lush ladies, winter looks with midi-length floral dresses in contrasting colors will be appropriate, which can be supplemented with a plain beige or any other laconic coat desired for you in color.

Undoubtedly, when choosing what to wear in winter, do not forget about the details, which in this outfit should include colored stockings, a discreet black handbag and suede ankle boots.

What to wear in winter for a walk, vacation, to meet with friends?

Learning what to wear in winter.  Beautiful winter images for active ladies

You are preparing a winter look for a walk, rest, meeting with friends, where you will spend a lot of time in the fresh air, then bows with puffy jackets with a metallic effect, elongated down jackets, cool parkas will suit you, which is most convenient to wear in winter.

Of course, what to wear in winter in a terrible cold is better newfangled jeans, or comfortable sports, knitted, leather sets, which today are presented in an abundance of styles and ideas of combinations.

To dilute the boredom of monochrome, which will be worn in winter, as we mentioned, there will be many fashionistas, you can use a striped, checkered, animal, bright or light top in the form of a sweatshirt, sweater, cardigan, pullover, sweatshirt, shirt.

As you can see in the photo, the blogger preferred to wear in winter the most comfortable, slightly rude shoes at a low speed with beautiful lacing, which is also suitable for trendy pleated skirts, a-line, with a wrap, and, undoubtedly, knitted dresses.

Well, and accessories, without them in winter it is very difficult to imagine a full-fledged option that will be comfortable to wear in the winter of 2021-2022.

What to wear in winter for evenings and festive occasions?

Learning what to wear in winter.  Beautiful winter images for active ladies

Choosing the idea of ​​what to wear in winter for evening and holiday occasions, we quite by chance saw this stunning festive winter look and fell in love with it.

It seems to us that this is how a stunning, spectacular, stunning outfit with a dress should look like, which you can wear in winter for holidays, celebrations, parties, corporate events.

It would seem that a rather understandable style of a dress with an open back in midi length is combined with an original version of the fabric that is embroidered with multi-colored sequins, so desirable in images for the New Year, party, corporate.

If such an extreme bow in winter with a shiny dress, what to wear in winter, suggested a fashion diva, too spectacular for you, you may prefer more sophisticated satin, silk, velvet dresses in a style with lace inserts, frills, wraparound, with a flared skirt, with a slit , case.

You can also wear autumn-winter overalls and trouser suits for special occasions in winter, which at celebrations will look no less harmonious than dresses.

What to wear to work in the office in winter?

Learning what to wear in winter.  Beautiful winter images for active ladies

Little by little, the times are receding when only faceless trouser, skirt, and sometimes rather boring winter sets were required from us to wear to the office in winter.

Today, we have selected the images for you what to wear in winter, so original, interesting and individual that you can wear such winter images for office work and for other occasions.

And all because girls and women will wear very feminine, but at the same time completely non-defiant outfits with skirts, sweaters, blouses, suits, trousers in newfangled solutions, among which are restrained printed ones, to wear to the office in winter …