the best DIY Christmas toys

There are no larger celebrations in the year than New Year’s, so you should prepare for them thoroughly, not forgetting either about the festive table, or about the stylish image, or about decorating the house.

Some of the elements that are of great importance in the New Year’s celebration are New Year’s toys or Christmas tree decorations, which today are full of ideas of execution and original solutions.

New Year’s toys are not only part of the decor for the Christmas tree, but also one of the symbols of the winter holidays, therefore, you must decide in advance which New Year’s toys, and in particular Christmas decorations, will decorate the green beauty and complement other New Year’s decor.

Continuing the reviews related to the New Year’s celebrations, is ready to present you another portion of creativity, presenting for you incredibly beautiful DIY Christmas toys and stylish Christmas tree decorations, which you can easily buy in any decor store today.

Christmas toys 2022. Photo TOP of the best ideas for toys for the Christmas tree

Gone are the days when Christmas toys were the same type, and although their quality and durability were very good, the design of Christmas toys left much to be desired.

Today, Christmas toys can be safely called a work of art, since the most skillful techniques of painting and drawing a pattern, a pattern, flickering glitter on Christmas tree decorations are used to create this decor.

Along with the design of residential premises, the modernization of the interior, New Year’s toys are also changing, which become closer to a certain style, which makes it easy to introduce such Christmas tree decorations into one or another decor of a house, apartment, room.

DIY Christmas toys have recently become a worthy competitor to factory products, because they captivate with the originality of the idea, the creativity of execution.

If you are wondering what kind of Christmas toys to make with your own hands, and you are looking for examples of good Christmas tree decorations, we will present you with the most impressive DIY Christmas toys and factory Christmas decorations in an abundance of options for every taste.

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Christmas toys 2022. Trends and trends of Christmas tree decorations and New Year’s decor for the home

Christmas toys 2022. Photo TOP of the best ideas for toys for the Christmas treeModern New Year’s decor even involves using New Year’s toys very thoughtfully, because stylistically the same New Year’s toys in certain combinations will look very harmonious in certain cases, or, on the contrary, very unsuccessfully.

In order for your New Year’s toys to harmonize with each other and look fabulous and stylish on the Christmas tree and in decorative elements, it is important to make festive compositions taking into account possible color and stylistic combinations.

This is how the New Year’s toys on the Christmas tree look unique, which are made in golden, pale pink, juicy red, sky blue, sparkling silver, white and oil colors.

Of course, there are also Christmas toys on the market in other color combinations. Choose Christmas toys of the color that most impresses your understanding of how the Christmas tree should look, and with which Christmas toys and other Christmas tree decorations will match in color in the interior of your home as a whole.

Christmas toys in mono design

Christmas toys 2022. Photo TOP of the best ideas for toys for the Christmas treeConsider stylish Christmas toys in mono design, when one color of Christmas tree products prevails.

You can decorate the tree with large, medium and small balls of the same color by choosing a certain size, or by combining Christmas toys of different sizes. You can also pick up monochromatic New Year’s toys that will differ in pattern or texture.

If you want to make your Christmas tree design even more unique, try a way to match Christmas toys in one color, but play with the shapes of the decorations.

New Year’s toys in one color can be represented not only with Christmas balls, but also with bells, fruits, animals, curls, amusing in shape, etc.

In addition to the named elements, you can decorate the Christmas tree with special beads, tinsel, and even flowers made in the New Year’s style.

Christmas tree toys that combine several shades

Christmas toys 2022. Photo TOP of the best ideas for toys for the Christmas treeIf the sophisticated and sophisticated design of the Christmas tree is not your option, you can always try to combine Christmas toys made in different colors on the Christmas tree.

Nevertheless, in order for the New Year’s toys to look harmonious on the Christmas tree, it is worth considering how exactly the elements will be combined, whether it will be an alternating arrangement of Christmas tree decorations in color, shape, texture, pattern, or you will arrange the New Year’s toys in a checkerboard pattern, chaotically, vertical lines of paired toys.

In fact, it all depends on the size of the tree. The larger the tree, the better and more interesting you can place New Year’s toys on it with your own hands, or bought in a store.

Consider the fact that both live and artificial spruce may not necessarily have a good structure, differing in larger or, on the contrary, small branches. This can cause the Christmas tree design to be less proportional.

DIY Christmas toys. Materials and manufacturing ideas

Christmas toys 2022. Photo TOP of the best ideas for toys for the Christmas treeIt’s nice that today Christmas toys can not only be bought, but also made with your own hands. It is clear that factory New Year’s toys will look more refined, more accurate, reflecting the filigree of the author’s idea.

Nevertheless, handmade New Year’s toys will be much more appreciated, because you or the person who will probably present you with such a souvenir will put a piece of your soul into making them.

Let’s start with the simplest materials from which you can make Christmas toys. This is:

White or colored paper



Decorative ribbons

Christmas toys 2022. Photo TOP of the best ideas for toys for the Christmas treeFrom these materials, you can easily cut Christmas toys in the form of snowflakes, tinsel, funny little people, and make multi-colored Christmas garlands.

How from cardboard and paperso from foam you can create very beautiful Christmas toys with your own hands, after using stencil, or by drawing something on the material yourself.

In addition, using glue, from such banal improvised means, radically new and unusual New Year’s toys with your own hands can be obtained, which will definitely not be on any Christmas tree except yours.

More non-trivial and intricate Christmas toys with your own hands can be obtained from you andfrom fabric, felt, burlap, rope, thread, buttons, lace, satin, knitting.

Surprisingly, incredibly beautiful Christmas toys with your own hands can be recreated using each hostess present in the house cereals, pasta of various shapes, coffee grains.

And how do you like the New Year’s toys in which they are used acorns, chestnuts, pine cones, intricate pieces of wood, cinnamon sticks?Christmas toys 2022. Photo TOP of the best ideas for toys for the Christmas tree

Have you presented? Yes. Yes. You can get very original and uncommon handmade Christmas toys.

Forgot to mention the extraordinary DIY Christmas toys, which on your Christmas tree can be comparable to a precious thing, because they are used to create beaded embroidery, shimmering stones, seashells brought from the sea, complemented by artificial pearls.

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