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It is unlikely that today there is a woman who would not have at least one dress, because to wear a beautiful dress, you do not need a special reason, and there are many styles, so choosing a dress for yourself will not be difficult.

Midi length styles are considered to be the most relevant and in demand in the “dresses” category today, because this is a universal solution for women of fashion of all age categories.

The short mini has also returned this year, especially in leather, suit, chiffon and velvet.

Along with short and midi dresses, not every representative of the fair sex can dress up in floor-length dresses, since floor-length dresses are a special category of outfits, which makes the female silhouette especially graceful, luxurious, unique and, no doubt, very noticeable.

Each year, designers offer floor-length evening dresses for women and girls, following the main trends in the creation of this exciting element.

This year, Gemy Maalouf, Elie Saab, Cucculelli Shaheen, Hannibal Laguna, Alena Akhmadullina, Safiyaa, Daalarna, Ziad Nakad, Rami Kadi, Zuhair Murad, Missaki Couture and other equally talented representatives of the fashion industry have demonstrated new items.

But in addition to elegant options for a floor-length dress for the evening, the creators of trends presented and everyday interpretations of a floor-length dress, which, despite the maxi length, looks very easy and casual in stylish women’s bows. continues to acquaint you with the novelties of dresses in different colors and styles, each time proving that a woman in such an outfit can be somewhat beautiful.

Today we have prepared a wonderful photo excursion for you on the topic “Fashionable floor-length dresses 2021-2022”, in which we will show you how gorgeous trendy floor-length dresses will be in elegant interpretations and models for every day.

Considering the proposed trends of dresses to the floor of 2021-2022, you will see how many beautiful, feminine, stunning solutions are presented today thanks to the work of fashion houses, and what ideas of dresses to the floor are advised to women by its legislators.

And so … About the main trends and trends of the dress to the floor 2021-2022 in more detail below …

Delicate floor-length dresses made of lace and flowing fabrics
Hot TOP trends of dresses to the floor.  The most delicious options

There is nothing more beautiful than light flowing textures of fabric when it comes to a floor-length dress for a special occasion.

Attractive, airy lace floor-length dresses will be a godsend for the sweetest and most delicate girls who seek to find a prom dress for themselves, a wedding – as a bridesmaid, a solemn event where a floor-length dress is the main element of the solemn dress code.

Floor-length evening dresses, widening from the waistline, look the most solemn, both in the version completely made of this quivering material, and in the style with lace inserts.

Floor-length dresses with a fluffy skirt and an embroidered bodice

Hot TOP trends of dresses to the floor.  The most delicious options

Along with lace variations of a floor-length dress, the second trend is no less beautiful – evening dresses to the floor with a fluffy satin skirt and an embroidered bodice in golden, silver, or contrasting decors.

To create the splendor of the skirt, the designers have gathered the fabric at the waist in the form of light ruffles, which will give the satin cut of the floor-length dress 2021-2022 a special luxury.

Floor-length dresses with long sleeves and open shoulders

Hot TOP trends of dresses to the floor.  The most delicious options

In search of original solutions, we liked the outfit of the famous blogger Margarita Celsova, who transformed into an elegant style of a floor-length dress made of dark chiffon, which is decorated with a stylish large floral ornament.

The highlight of the floor-length dress is the V-neckline, gathered elastic at the bodice, which is successfully combined with a long sleeve and bare shoulders.

Such an outfit can perfectly fit into the everyday look of a romantic lady who went out for a walk in the early morning on a beautiful spring or summer day.

Fancy One Shoulder Floor Length Dresses with Tiered Skirt

Hot TOP trends of dresses to the floor.  The most delicious options

It is impossible to pass by the next trend of a dress to the floor, which presents us with a model with an extraordinary asymmetry and multilevel lower part.

This model of a floor-length dress is made in a beige shade, and is complemented by a contrasting highlight in the form of a black ribbon tied with a bow.

It is not only the asymmetry of the upper part of the dress to the floor on one shoulder that attracts, but also the extraordinary cut of the lower part, which unites a short mini skirt with a maxi train.

Casual floor-length dress in extraordinary colors with an animal pattern

Hot TOP trends of dresses to the floor.  The most delicious options

If you want to feel spectacular, stylish, feminine on vacation – here is the idea of ​​a floor-length dress for every day, vacation, a walk in bright yellow color, a small dot print, which is diluted with an unusual pattern of little blue horses.

The correct shape of the neckline, stylish cut of the sleeves and the smell will emphasize the beauty and feminine forms of any lady.

In this case, the image will look very dignified in tandem with an unusual beach bag and other details of the bow.

Floor-length gowns with geometric print in contrasting black and white colors

Hot TOP trends of dresses to the floor.  The most delicious options

Unexpectedly, geometry has taken root not only in everyday looks for the fair sex, but also in evening dresses to the floor 2021-2022.

As you can see in the photo, a sophisticated white stripe in different locations against a dark background can very effectively decorate floor-length dresses made of chiffon fabric, giving alongside unique grace and chic.

Instead of stripes, evening dresses to the floor, the designers proposed models with zigzags, extraordinary intersections of figures, polka dots.

Floor-length beach dresses with floral ruffles

Hot TOP trends of dresses to the floor.  The most delicious options

Along with the evening novelties of floor-length dresses with ruffles and flounces, great offers were shown by fashionable brands of casual wear, which have developed wonderful floor-length beach dresses spring-summer 2021-2022 with ruffles and flounces.

As you can see from blogger Füsun Lindner, a casual floor-length dress in tandem with layered ruffle and flowing skirt looks fantastic.

Also, a floristic bright drawing on a white background made its contribution, which in this style looks gorgeous, despite the fact that the outfit is everyday.

Flawless floor-length dresses in a laconic solution that will emphasize the gracefulness of the silhouette

Hot TOP trends of dresses to the floor.  The most delicious options

If you want to demonstrate excellent taste and a perfect figure, we offer a floor-length dress in white with a blue tint, a laconic cut with a boat neckline, and a smoothly expanding skirt from the knees, creating the most desirable hourglass silhouette.

To make this style wow effect, the designers transformed it with a beautifully designed cutout on the back.

If you are not ready for such a radical decision, then the back can be slightly covered with lace, or decorated with embroidery.

Floor-length velvet dresses

Hot TOP trends of dresses to the floor.  The most delicious options

The indisputable trend of the autumn-winter period is velvet floor-length dresses that can be made in emerald, wine, black, plum, beige, suitable for a party, New Year’s celebration, and for a date.

The luxury of velvet will transform dress models into a floor with long sleeves, a slit along the leg, a year, a smell, and an Empire style.

Velvet drapes very well, so the designers were able to successfully use and beat this technique in most styles of velvet floor-length dresses.

Long dresses in neon

Hot TOP trends of dresses to the floor.  The most delicious options

Although until recently neon made clothes very cheap, in the coming spring-summer season there is a tendency to use more expensive neon fabrics in creating dresses for the evening …