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Women’s wardrobe will not do without stylish and trendy shirt models, regardless of your clothing style and preferences.

Designers have demonstrated variations of women’s shirts in the 2021-2022 season in different styles and for every taste, which will complement almost any of your looks.

So, you will find women’s shirts in a classic cut, elongated or, on the contrary, cropped shirts, with unusual sleeves, a variety of prints and inserts of different textures.

Such a variety of shirts for women in the 2021-2022 season will allow you to choose the best addition not only to business looks, but also to perform sets with shorts, skirts, jeans in tandem with shirts, looking irresistible in the most spectacular outfits.

If you recall a little history, then stylish shirts were borrowed from the men’s wardrobe and best of all allowed you to create laconic and such impeccable business looks. Today, the role of fashionable women’s shirts in a business style is no less important, because stylish shirts are always a win-win option for the office.

But among other things, trendy shirts were demonstrated by designers in the 2021-2022 season and in other styles, allowing them to look unique in sets with romantic blouses, in everyday life for walking, shopping, meeting friends, as well as stunning blouses for summer sets.

It is important to remember that fashionable shirts allow you to perfectly complete tandems with many things from a woman’s wardrobe, which makes stylish shirts for women an indisputable “must have”.

And for a basic wardrobe, include a couple of shirts in a variety of styles, like a white shirt, with a print, inserts or pretty sleeves to help you look great anytime, anywhere, showcasing the best shirt looks from 2021-2022.Beautiful shirts 2021-2022: how to wear a shirt - photo images

The trendy shades of the shirt for the coming season will be white, red, gray, black and blue. Stylish shirts can be either in one color or variations of a shirt with checks, stripes, abstract patterns and floral ornaments.

In addition, the designers presented interesting shirts with translucent inserts, mesh, lace, embroidery, bows and flounces, shirts with an open back, which will look perfect in tandem with your favorite things in your wardrobe.

In the trend there are models of shirts in an elongated version and oversized shirts, which look especially impressive and unusual. Stylish shirts of 2021-2022 with unusual elements in the form of ruffles and frills, embroideries will be relevant, which add mystery, fascinating with the complexity of the silhouette and originality at the same time.Beautiful shirts 2021-2022: how to wear a shirt - photo images

Whichever stylish shirts you would prefer for the 2021-2022 season, your look is sure to be stylish and superb. We offer you beautiful shirts in different styles, as well as fashionable looks with shirts in white and red, elongated and cropped shirts, with bare shoulders and flounces.

Today we will look at trendy bow ideas with fashionable women’s shirts 2021-2022, which are shown below …

How to wear women’s shirts in the 2021-2022 season: bows with shirts

Stylish shirts will be appropriate in any look, looking great in a variety of tandems – with skirts, trousers and jeans, overalls and shorts for summer sets.

Stylish business shirts are best paired with pencil skirts, straight trousers, and ladies’ office suits to perfectly match the office dress code.Beautiful shirts 2021-2022: how to wear a shirt - photo images

Extraordinary models of oversized shirts and elongated shirt options are more appropriate to complement with jeans and shorts, but it is better to refuse trousers. Beautiful shirts with flounces, ruffles and unusual sleeves with flared trousers and flared jeans will look romantic, giving romance and charm to bows.

No less spectacular and interesting are the shirts of 2021-2022 with open shoulders in an asymmetric version, complementing the bows with notes of attractiveness and sophistication.Beautiful shirts 2021-2022: how to wear a shirt - photo images

Stylish shirts can be worn both for graduation and inside, depending on the look. Long shirts are best worn over jeans, complemented with stiletto heels or shoes.

Stylish women’s oversized shirts should definitely be worn inside jeans, which can be high-waisted, classic, straight jeans or boyfriends, which will be at the peak of popularity in the 2021-2022 season.Beautiful shirts 2021-2022: how to wear a shirt - photo images

We suggest you view the best ideas for bows with shirts in a variety of stylish and trendy options in the photo examples, which you can find just below in the gallery. You can easily repeat these images with shirts for your own outfits, both in the office and for any occasion in life.

Delightful white shirts for women for the 2021-2022 season

The real hit of the 2021-2022 season will be white shirts for women, which look impeccable and spectacular. The laconic and such unassuming white color looks beautiful always and everywhere – whether it be business bows, elegant looks, or just everyday sets with white shirts.Beautiful shirts 2021-2022: how to wear a shirt - photo images

You can find white shirts in the 2021-2022 season, made with extraordinary elements – flounces, frills and inserts of other textures. The couturier paid special attention to sleeves – long and short, with a dropped shoulder line, flared and decorated.Beautiful shirts 2021-2022: how to wear a shirt - photo images

A white shirt is a must-have for every true lady, regardless of your preferences and tastes. It can be a stylish shirt in white with a straight cut, or in a delightful solution with decor. Be sure to top up your wardrobe for the 2021-2022 season with a win-win, a lovely white shirt.

Stylish shirts 2021-2022 with prints: strip, cage, flowers

What are unprinted shirts, especially when it comes to trendy plaid, striped and floral shirts? No real fashionista can resist these variations!Beautiful shirts 2021-2022: how to wear a shirt - photo images

Fashionable plaid shirts – white and blue, red and white, as well as other color options, will allow you to create gorgeous looks in combination with jeans, shorts and skirts.Beautiful shirts 2021-2022: how to wear a shirt - photo images

Stylish striped shirts are no less popular, especially the white and blue combination of shades gives a special charm and lightness to trendy interpretations with shirts 2021-2022. Dark striped shirts, cross-white shirts, as well as a black strip on a light shirt will also be interesting, which ideally complement the looks with denim clothes.Beautiful shirts 2021-2022: how to wear a shirt - photo images

Particular attention is paid to bows with shirts in a floral design, which are very feminine and romantic. Floral shirts 2021-2022 are great in sets with skirts: mini, pencil, floor length and midi, as well as jeans and trousers.

The original long shirts 2021-2022 for women

An unusual version of a shirt in the 2021-2022 season is an oversized shirt or an elongated shirt. Fashionistas managed to fall in love with this shirt model, which looks non-trivial and allows you to create memorable bows.Beautiful shirts 2021-2022: how to wear a shirt - photo images

Stylish oversized and elongated shirts can be monochrome, such as white shirts, striped shirts, and denim. You can wear elongated and oversized shirts both “freely” and tucking them in completely, combining equally well with skirts and jeans.

Interesting elongated shirts, as well as oversized shirts will allow you to hide figure flaws, if such …