Незаурядная уличная мода. Фото стильных образов в уличном стиле

All styles and fashion trends find their admirers, because we are all different, with our own understanding of fashion and our own sense of style.

One of the most popular trends that excites most girls and many women today is non-trivial street style and street fashion 2021-2022 implemented according to its canons.

Perhaps there are some young ladies for whom street style is still unfamiliar, but in fact, street fashion is present in the wardrobes of many women, since street style implies the ability to combine new trends and things already inherent in the wardrobe in spectacular ensembles.

Street fashion 2021-2022 brings a multitude of unique looks to women, allowing for a spontaneous street style for every season and every day.

Beautiful street fashion 2021-2022 is full of surprises and fashion experiments, so we advise you to take into account the unique street style and its main trends.

About them further point by point …

Street fashion 2021-2022. The most exciting street style and stunning innovations

Extraordinary street fashion.  Photos of stylish looks in street styleIf you decide to explore street style, feel free to introduce a variety of street kits into your wardrobe, which will be very attractive due to its simplicity, texture, beautiful color combinations and trendy cut solutions.

Street fashion 2021-2022 does not have clear rules for stylizing images, combinations of elements from different directions are permissible, which makes the street style very unusual and pretentious.

Street fashion can be feminine, brutal, defiant, intricate, but no one will ever call street style boring and impersonal.

Street fashion 2021-2022 covers a huge range of prints, textures, styles, style elements, which are at the peak of popularity among fashionistas all over the world today, as the most desirable street looks and kits for a particular season.

Street style has no restrictions on combinations of styles, because street fashion is quite acceptable, for example, elegant pleated skirts in tandem with a daring and brutal leather jacket, or a sweatshirt with slogans or pop art patterns.

So, street looks with leather trousers and knitted sweaters may seem unusual, but it is these atypical sets that are shown in all its glory by the outstanding street fashion 2021-2022.

Right now, we will announce how and in what street style 2021-2022 is positioning itself, and what will be the seasonal street fashion for confident and purposeful women.

Street style and the most original print ideas

Extraordinary street fashion.  Photos of stylish looks in street style

Modern street fashion 2021-2022 dictates its own rules for combining elements in one set, allowing you to model street looks and sets in the most unexpected combinations of things.

Street style offers street looks with things in the following styles:

  • Checkerboard checker, white and red Burberry checkerboard and Prince of Wales checkerboard
  • Stripes and lines in all kinds of geometric combinations in various colors and widths
  • Dotted and abstract pattern on street style clothing
  • Street looks with pop art doodles and beautiful labels and signs
  • Floral, foliage and monogram prints
  • Street style also accepts a combination of several elements in one outfit.

Street fashion 2021-2022 and textures and decorative elements that will decorate the outfit

Extraordinary street fashion.  Photos of stylish looks in street style

In addition to plain street style clothes, as well as spectacular printed solutions, fashion masters announced a non-trivial street fashion 2021-2022 with an abundance of decorative elements that can decorate both the top and bottom of the set, as well as shoes, bags, accessories.

Pay attention to street looks with decorative elements such as:

  • Ribbons, ties, lacing
  • Bows, ruffles, flounces
  • Slits and cuts in clothing
  • Smell and frills, folds
  • Fringe and tassels on clothes and shoes
  • Sequins, sequins, transparent fabrics
  • Lace, embroidery, layering of styles
  • Stickers, patches, labels

It would seem that we have listed the elements of smart and elegant clothes, but in fact, street fashion has managed to play all these elements in wonderful street style looks.

As for fabrics and textures, here the street style is also diverse and original in combinations. Among the actual textures:

  • leather
  • suede
  • denim
  • chiffon
  • cotton
  • jersey
  • velvet
  • suit
  • software
  • blended fabrics
  • tweed
  • raincoat fabric
  • large and small knitting
  • fur
  • feathers

Street fashion 2021-2022 and the best ideas for spring-summer sets

Extraordinary street fashion.  Photos of stylish looks in street style

Street style for spring and summer will be very interesting and desirable for women, because the trend is street fashion with spring and summer suits, overalls, dresses, spectacular skirts and light blouses.

Spring / summer street fashion accepts both comfortable low-speed shoes and sporty models, as well as impressive ideas for shoes with heels, wedges and stilettos.

Wear streetwear with leather and suit shorts in tandem with flutter tops, white tees, and colorful tees with print and print.

Bring the street style to life by choosing informal street style looks with jersey suits and pants, which fashionistas combine with both sneakers and sandals.

Spectacular street fashion with pleated dresses and skirts that will delight you with a wealth of colors and color combinations.Extraordinary street fashion.  Photos of stylish looks in street style

Do not forget that spring-summer street style is unthinkable without printed clothing variations, as well as unexpected combinations of them, for example, checks and stripes, flowers and polka dots, etc.

Street fashion for the brightest and hottest period welcomes open shoulders, shoulder straps, slits on clothes, laconic and unobtrusive styles.

Go street style with spring / summer jeans with frayed holes and holes, trousers with patch pockets reminiscent of military and shorts in bright and light colors with a high waist.

Try streetwear with denim jeans with patches, denim shirts and sundresses, and also wear street style sets with asymmetrical elements solutions, for example, unusual A-line dresses with asymmetrical hem, blouses with asymmetrical bodice, where one side of the blouse is sleeveless and the other with a long sleeve.

For cooler spring / summer days, model streetwear with knitted cardigans, suit jackets, cool black and pastel biker jackets with metallic details, chains, and zippers.

Street fashion 2021-2022. What do designers advise for the cold season?

Extraordinary street fashion.  Photos of stylish looks in street style

If you like autumn-winter street style, for inspiration we offer you one of the sets of the famous blogger Füsun Lindner, who knows a lot about street style.

Street fashion for fall – winter will be incredibly successful in creating unique sets if you take note of street looks with the following styles of clothing:

  • Street jackets and cape coats in a cage or in the original color for your set
  • New-fashioned down jackets dresses, knitted dresses, dresses jackets with two rows of buttons
  • Plaid suits with cropped trousers and jackets in men’s style, skirts, trousers, jackets, plaid vests in basic gray, purple, red
  • Warm large-knitted sweaters, cardigans with huge sleeves with knobs, pullovers, knitted suits with pants or a skirt
  • Street fashion of the autumn-winter period invites fashionistas to introduce trapezoidal mini skirts made of eco leather, attractive pencil and …