Minimalism style 2021-2022: clothes, images, sets minimalism

It is not a secret for anyone that today the maximum convenience and comfort in clothes dominate in fashion, which are ideally implemented in a woman’s wardrobe due to the simplicity of the cut, the clarity of textures, and their original combinations.

Such trends have come to the liking of many fashionistas who lead a dynamic lifestyle and always want to be at their best.

If you want not so much to be fashionable, but to look always expensive, tasty, spectacular, while you do not have to shine with fashion trends, the best choice for you may be a neutral, universal, impressive style of minimalism, which, thanks to its simplicity, has become a landmark in the season 2021- 2022.

And although for many, minimalism is a boring choice, in fact, minimalism and compiled minimalist images are a very profitable investment of money, since minimalism is always elegant, easy, casual, expensive.

How to look expensive and stylish?  Images and clothes in the direction of minimalism

The style of minimalism in clothes is not new, but the images of minimalism that fashion bloggers offer us confirms that it is neutral, light and sophisticated minimalism that will never go out of fashion, since it does not require a constant update of the wardrobe, and you can make beautiful minimalist bows with 10 to 20 elements available.

Minimalism clothing has become even more interesting today, because along with good and high-quality fabrics that are used in creating minimalist trends, minimal elements are used in the images, elements of different textures are combined, with the original geometry of the cut.

With the light hand of Coco Chanel, the minimalism style confidently entered both the life of true ladies and the wardrobe of office workers and students who learned how to correctly form minimalist bows without spending a lot of money.

In addition, it is very good that by purchasing minimalism things, you do not need to radically revise your wardrobe from year to year, replenishing it with new trends.

How to look expensive and stylish?  Images and clothes in the direction of minimalism

If you like some new clothing trends, of course, you can use them, but remember that the minimalism style in clothes has a number of rules, breaking which you will get bows from minimalist images in the direction closer to casual, office style , street style, etc.

If you want to look expensive, minimalism in clothes will bring you closer to this desire without any doubt.

Minimalism doesn’t have to be the philosophy of your life. You can be bright, temperamental, complex, but at the same time choose clothes that will not allow you to distract others from your personality, while looking very stylish in things that, through the right combination, will create for you an image of confident and purposeful.

We will briefly outline the basic principles and trends of the minimalism style in clothing 2021-2022, which will allow you to deal with the questions of how best to combine things with each other, than to complement minimalist images, in order to look expensive and always be at your best, without attracting special attention to clothes.

Minimalism is the style of confident women. Trends and trends of minimalism in clothing

How to look expensive and stylish?  Images and clothes in the direction of minimalismThe style of minimalism in modern fashion, in most cases, accepts simple styles of clothing that can be easily combined with each other, combined with things from other stylistic groups, used for every day on different occasions.

If your style is minimalism, you need to understand that clothes will not attract attention to you, they will only create a neutral background on which your hair and hairstyle, nails and manicure, skin and makeup should be flawless.

As for these components of the image, it is also necessary to adhere to the most laconic content, choosing monochromatic matte or glossy nails in the nude, monochrome style, without unnecessary patterns and patterns, preferring, for example, hairstyles without curls, disheveled, preferring a smooth low tail with straight strands, neat bun, perfectly made weaving.

If we talk about makeup, here also create the effect of natural, fresh and healthy skin.

At the suggestion of Scandinavian bloggers, minimalism in clothes has ceased to be associated with boredom, on the contrary, the images of minimalism played against the background of crazy trends, as extraordinarily sophisticated and feminine.

If you like the style of minimalism 2021-2022, which is confidently entrenched among the main trends not only in clothes, but also in interior design, manicure, hairstyles, choose minimalism things in neutral, basic shades that are easily combined with each other and with bright things of the color spectrum.

You should stock up on elegant clothes in beige, black, blue, brown, beige, sand, gray, coffee, white, beige, olive and interesting interpretations and combinations.

How to look expensive and stylish?  Images and clothes in the direction of minimalism

If the style of minimalism and clothes in shades of the basic group are still associated with boredom for you, you can always add an unobtrusive zest to the images of minimalism in the form, for example, of a small handbag, a little more saturated and contrasting from a neutral color base of a shade, in particular purple. marsal, wine, emerald.

The style of minimalism is most often clothes in monochrome solutions, however, minimalist images can be composed with the participation of laconic two-tone stripes and a cage, which are frequent decisions in the masculine direction.

Minimalism clothing is made in a laconic cut, where straight lines, proven styles, a minimum of details such as all kinds of folds, frills, elements, buttons, etc. prevail.

It is characteristic that things of minimalism of the direction in terms of the texture of clothes can be slightly voluminous, falling, soft in texture, which makes it possible to obtain light and non-standard silhouettes with a special architecture of styles inherent in minimalism.

Separately, we note that minimalism clothes will allow you to look expensive also because the fabrics from which they are made look simple and noble.

Among the materials are cotton, knitwear, sophisticated knitting, leather, suiting fabrics, tweed, raincoat fabric, cashmere, etc.

It would seem that making a minimalist set is very simple, just take two or three things and combine them in one bow.

In fact, the style of minimalism in clothing welcomes not only the simplicity of combinations, but also the correct approach to combining things.

How to look expensive and stylish?  Images and clothes in the direction of minimalism

For example, you can create an image with a shirt and trousers in the spirit of minimalism of current shades by introducing a knitted sweater tied at the shoulders into the set.

The original image of minimalism can be obtained by picking up a trendy tandem of light jeans and a white blouse, which can be emphasized by introducing a loose checkered jacket and neat boots like Chelsea into a minimalist bow.

Minimalism style. Clothes for true ladies

Let’s designate the main styles of the minimalism 2021-2022 image, with which you can make the best minimalist bows for every day and always look expensive and stylish.

In your minimalist wardrobe, such obligatory minimalism styles should find their place …

White shirt and top variations

How to look expensive and stylish?  Images and clothes in the direction of minimalism

A white shirt with a free cut will suit any woman, making her look feminine, stylish and refreshing.

A white cotton shirt, as if taken from a man’s shoulder, is …