Fashionable street style looks spring-summer 2021-2022 - top 15 street style trends spring-summer

Until recently, lovely young ladies were forced to strictly adhere to a certain style of clothing, dividing the wardrobe into business, sports, for a special festive occasion, rest and walks.

But times have changed, and now you have the opportunity to choose diverse things, combine them in one outfit and at the same time look fashionable and effective.

A wonderful solution that allows you to embody attractive outfits in such directions is street style, or, in other words, street urban style of clothing.

It is the street style that allows you to freely wear dresses and skirts with rude shoes or sneakers, and combine trouser suits with sneakers.

The trendy street style trend and street style have become a favorite among modern ladies, which have found trendy clothing variations in a comfortable and practical interpretation.Street style looks spring-summer 2021 - top 15 trends in the photo

Among admirers of street style street style, you can meet modern ladies of different ages and occupations, which so skillfully and wonderfully combine ultra-trendy new clothes from top couturiers.

In this post, we would like to tell you, as well as show in the photo the fresh trends and street style trends for spring and summer 2021-2022, having familiarized yourself with which you will be able to compose trendy looks for the upcoming new seasons without unnecessary difficulties.

Fashionable bows for spring and summer in street style will especially appeal to girls who do not want to follow strict rules in clothing, such as creative and creative ladies.

The lack of strict criteria, the combination of different fashion trends and showiness make the spring-summer street style fashionable looks desirable and attractive for all fashionistas.Street style looks spring-summer 2021 - top 15 trends in the photo

The variety of shown sets for the spring-summer period will delight you with combinations of clothes in a practical and comfortable manner. Trendy jeans, shorts, tops and shirts look great in the trendy street style direction.

You can add romance and elegance without giving up comfort with fashionable spring-summer dresses, skirts, blouses in the street style. Mega-fashion trouser suits and trousers for women will add austerity and laconism to the images for spring and summer.

An important street style trend spring-summer 2021-2022 is bright prints and colors. Choose coral color and trendy predatory print to be irresistible this spring and summer!

It is especially important to pay attention to accessories in the spring-summer period. Street style street fashion assumes the presence of original hats and headbands, stylish handbags and, of course, shoes.

You can view and get acquainted in more detail with all the fashionable street style sets for spring and summer 2021-2022 right now using the example of the top 15 trends in clothing.

Street style for sporty and active ladiesStreet style looks spring-summer 2021 - top 15 trends in the photo

Fashionable direction of street style and street fashion will be bows with a sports bias. Sporty leggings, bodysuits, bomber jackets and spring / summer parkas are the perfect fit for a sporty interpretation of spring and summer streetwear. Also don’t forget about sneaker and backpack accessories to complete the trendy street style outfits for the sporty ladies.

Business lady streetwearStreet style looks spring-summer 2021 - top 15 trends in the photo

Ladies from the office environment should also not give up street style trends. There are a lot of street-style novelties in store for them, such as trendy pantsuits, which are so easily complemented by sneakers and sneakers. Women’s trousers for spring and summer are in trend, which can be worn to the office with stylish shirts, as well as add romance with off-shoulder blouses or a top for a walk.

Urban style for spring and summer for romantic naturesStreet style looks spring-summer 2021 - top 15 trends in the photo

Romanticism, tenderness and femininity will be important motives of fashionable images of spring and summer with the direction of street style. Fashionistas can safely pick up flowing dresses with fashionable flower prints, polka dots, animal print blouses, complemented by ruffles, flounces and bows, which is especially held in high esteem for the upcoming season.

Street style fashion: spring coatsStreet style looks spring-summer 2021 - top 15 trends in the photo

Fashionistas in the spring cannot do without coats, which will elegantly complete street-style sets with skirts, dresses, trousers and jeans. The coat for spring looks pretty in the version with a leopard print or in a cage. Lightweight spring coats are perfect for street style looks, giving them austerity and restraint.

Spring and Summer Street Style Blazers & JacketsStreet style looks spring-summer 2021 - top 15 trends in the photo

A jacket will become the main attribute of looks for spring and summer for street style, which will complete your every set in the best possible way. Fashionable blazers and jackets in coral, fuchsia, red, lemon, with checks and polka dots will be just right for laconic street style looks.

Street style sweatshirts, turtlenecks and sweatersStreet style looks spring-summer 2021 - top 15 trends in the photo

Top couturiers offer light and translucent knits and knits for warmer spring and summer seasons. You can wear such things in street style with skirts and shorts, jeans in different shades. Opening hangers and slits, prints and appliques will adorn fashionable sweatshirts, sweaters and jumpers in the trendy street style direction.

Street style fashion: blouses and shirtsStreet style looks spring-summer 2021 - top 15 trends in the photo

You can experiment in fashionable street bows to your heart’s content, choosing each time a different style of shirts and blouses for spring and summer. Walking around the city or doing shopping, you can look very elegant in street style clothes, complementing your favorite jeans or shorts with a beautiful shirt with a print, a blouse with dropped shoulders, ruffles or a bow, looking cute and sophisticated.

Streetwear style: spring-summer shortsStreet style looks spring-summer 2021 - top 15 trends in the photo

What are spring and summer without your favorite shorts? Here for you is a complete abundance of shorts models, with which street style looks will become more spectacular. Denim, cropped or elongated, bermuda and cycling shorts, with a print or patch pockets – all these shorts will become street fashion hits of the street style 2021-2022 trend for spring and summer.

Feminine Streetwear Style: SkirtsStreet style looks spring-summer 2021 - top 15 trends in the photo

The length of the skirt for spring and summer can vary from mini to midi, allowing you to find your ideal and practical cut for street style outfits. Long flowing and flying skirts, pleated, transparent with lace and applique, short straight and a-line skirts, with buttons will create the best romantic tandems for spring and summer.

Fashionable trousers in street style looksStreet style looks spring-summer 2021 - top 15 trends in the photo

Lovers of practical trousers have the opportunity to look at very beautiful and at the same time different styles of fashionable trousers – palazzo, cropped, bell-bottomed, culottes, bananas will be very relevant for urban-style sets. In spring and summer, bright trousers will be relevant, as well as with prints b laconic models in nude shade.

Urban PantsuitsStreet style looks spring-summer 2021 - top 15 trends in the photo

Wanting to match the dress code, you can safely wear pantsuits to the office, and at the end of the working day – complement the image with comfortable sneakers, as top bloggers demonstrate on the streets of the fashion capitals of the world. In this case, you can look fashionable and very stylish with a trouser suit in the style of street style, and at the same time feel comfortable walking in the spring-summer period.

Urban spring-summer style: jeansStreet style looks spring-summer 2021 - top 15 trends in the photo

The practicality of jeans makes them simply irreplaceable, and the ability to combine with many things ensures that every lady has more than one pair of her favorite jeans in her locker. Wanting to create a trendy outfit with street style jeans for spring and summer, you should give preference to trendy 7/8 jeans, with …