Какой будет модная обувь грядущего сезона? Топовые новинки обувных трендов

Each image of a woman consists of a number of things, without which it is impossible to go out into the street.

In this row, as a rule, there are outer garments that warm us on cold days, the upper part of the set in the form of blouses, tops, sweaters, sweaters, T-shirts, shirts and the lower part – trousers, skirts, shorts, or, as an option, overalls and dresses.

In addition to the basic components, any image must include one or another pair of shoes, without which it is impossible to imagine any everyday bow for work, office, for a walk or any other business.

Often, looking at women’s shoes in a store, when we come across an interesting model, we wonder what to wear with this kind of shoes, and what stylish looks to create with the participation of shoes that could become universal for us.

So that you understand what fashionable autumn-winter and spring-summer shoes will in the near future adorn the legs of the most stylish and feminine ladies, we offer you a small informational excursion into the world of the best trends in seasonal shoes, among which there will certainly be fashionable shoes – stylish and in your understanding …

Let’s take a look at seasonal footwear for the fall / winter and spring / summer months together as an overview of the original bows with new footwear for 2021.

And so, in a nutshell, about each trend that presents women’s shoes in its best interpretations.

Fashionable footwear fall-winter 2021. Trends and trends

What will be the fashionable shoes of the coming season?  Top new footwear trendsIf you follow fashion closely, then you are aware that fashionable shoes reflect general fashion trends in general and the individual style of a woman in particular.

You should always buy the shoes that are most comfortable for you, in harmony with your things, appropriate for you in everyday life or for special occasions.

In the trend, women’s autumn-winter shoes are as refined and elegant as possible, which is designed to create unique feminine images for work, for important meetings, dates and other events.

Autumn-winter shoes in a laconic, but at the same time elegant design with heels or neat wedges are characteristic of women who know their own worth, who know how to look beautiful, stylish, unusual, not only on special occasions, but also every day.What will be the fashionable shoes of the coming season?  Top new footwear trends

In addition to sophistication and femininity, fashionable autumn-winter shoes can boast of such characteristics as massiveness, masculinity, rough design, and the presence of additional details that transform the shoe model in a particular style.

The most relevant in the fall-winter season are shoes made of matte, patent, inverted leather, suede of different shades.

Modern leatherette makes it possible to create shoes of a budget category, which at the same time can look no worse than the same brand options.

Although, when choosing budget-type autumn-winter shoes, be very careful, because you run the risk of getting on the products of a low-quality manufacturer, throwing money down the drain in vain.

What will be the fashionable shoes of the coming season?  Top new footwear trendsWomen’s fall-winter footwear covers stylish shoe trends such as:

  • Autumn winter white shoes
  • Rough boots with a chunky heel or platform
  • Round and pointed ankle boots
  • Chunky sneakers
  • Laconic loafers
  • Suede boots
  • Wellingtons
  • Practical Cossacks
  • Accordion Shaft Boots
  • Ankle boots for women with lacing
  • Sports shoe options
  • Fashion trends of shoes with unusual heels
  • Stylish shoes with decor
  • Shoe models with open parts, cropped toe
  • Printed shoes in natural and extraordinary ways

Fashionable footwear spring-summer 2021. Top solutions. Beautiful models. Trends

What will be the fashionable shoes of the coming season?  Top new footwear trendsAlong with more bulky models of autumn-winter shoes, spring-summer shoe fashion will delight with lightness, playfulness, femininity of models.

Since in spring and summer we strive to wear shoes that are not only comfortable, but also incredibly beautiful, the designers made sure that women of fashion have the opportunity to evaluate and try the most stylish new women’s shoes in the best models from modern manufacturers.

Fashionable shoes will be created not only from the usual leather of different types and suede, the designers demonstrated at new shows spring-summer shoes made of textiles, denim, rubber and plastic shoe models, as well as shoes with transparent elements, which will be popular not for the first spring-summer season.

Delicate shades of pastels, familiar and understandable classics, bright colors of fashionable pairs of shoes will allow you to choose a stylish solution for any bow.

Fashionistas will also be interested in spring-summer shoes with a floral print, trendy shoes with python, crocodile, leopard colors, which are relevant almost all year round.

Undoubtedly, on the legs of the most stylish representatives of the fair sex will appear shoes with a metallic sheen, patterns, embroidery, slits, ties, bindings, tassels.

What will be the fashionable shoes of the coming season?  Top new footwear trendsLet’s define the most stylish shoe models of 2021 that shoe fashion offers us. It:

  • Elegant pointed stiletto heels
  • White, beige, pastel shoes
  • Strappy Heeled Sandals
  • Exquisite pyramid heels
  • Sandals and shoes with straps and tassels
  • Comfortable wedge sandals
  • Lightweight textile shoe options
  • Sport type white leather trainers
  • Denim shoe options with lacing
  • Sandals and slippers with heels, low wedges
  • Model options for shoes with an unusual heel or decor

Women’s footwear 2021. The highlights of seasonal footwear

What will be the fashionable shoes of the coming season?  Top new footwear trendsWe have already outlined the shoe trends that have been shown in the collections of famous designers.

White shoes

As mentioned above, designers have given a special role to white shoes in different design models.

The best seasonal outfits will include white sneakers with a massive platform, white heeled ankle boots with square or pointed toes, white or oiled boots and boots, which will refresh any fall-winter look.What will be the fashionable shoes of the coming season?  Top new footwear trends

It is noteworthy that white shoes will be appropriate, both in light sets, and in dark and bright ones, which will contrast, but at the same time go very well with other elements of the ensemble.

Shoes and animalism

Also, colorful boots, shoes, boots and even sandals with a predatory ornament on a stable heel, or an admirable stiletto heel will look very impressive.

Such a design will allow you to add an extraordinary zest to the image by means of leopard, python, zebra colors.What will be the fashionable shoes of the coming season?  Top new footwear trends

Printed shoes will complement shocking leather things, knitted clothing trends, but you need to be very careful to combine printed shoes with other ornaments, and maybe not even worth it, since the bow can look ridiculous.

Note that shoes with an animal color can be very elegant if, for example, you choose for yourself ankle boots with stiletto heels with a leopard color, or light boots with a snake color.

Fashionable shoes and decor

If you want to look always spectacular, get ankle boots, boots and boots with lacing, or its imitation.What will be the fashionable shoes of the coming season?  Top new footwear trends

Fashionable shoes with funny tassels, bindings, thin and wide straps, flirty braids and feathers also look original, which will give an unusually elegant look to any pair of shoes.

Rough and metal shoes

The aforementioned coarse boots and sneakers are another impressive seasonal shoe trend that is most relevant during the period …