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Both manufacturers offer their customers a wide range of windows from budget models to luxury systems and have managed to prove themselves well in the market. Rehau is a well-known German brand, and Novotex belongs to domestic producers. Therefore, many people have a question, what buy plastic windows and which of the two manufacturers should you prefer.

Summary of the article:

Rehau windows

First, let’s look at the strengths and weaknesses of Rehau windows.


  • good thermal insulation, do not let the cold pass;
  • durability, retain an attractive appearance for a long time;
  • aesthetic design, look attractive inside and out;
  • excellent sound insulation.


  • rather strict size restrictions. If you have non-standard windows, then most likely Rehau will not work.
  • high prices.

Plastic Rehau windows behave very well in operation. In their design, several sealing contours are used, which helps to achieve a high level of sealing of window openings and thermal insulation. It also improves the soundproofing of the apartment. Thus, the plastic windows of the German company reliably protect against cold, bad weather, precipitation and street noise. But positive traits are fully manifested only wheninstallation of plastic windows passed by all the rules.

Attracted to Rehau by a stylish and modern design, a varied palette of shades, great opportunities for decor. A wide range of design shapes helps you choose the option most suitable for your home.

In the manufacture of windows, only high-quality materials are used, which provide reliable protection from wind, various precipitation, dust, sunlight, temperature extremes. Caring for windows consists only in treating the surface with a damp cloth.

During its existence, the Rehau company has gained an impeccable reputation.

Novotex windows

Novotex windows are manufactured by the Russian company “Narodny Plastics” in the Moscow region using European equipment.


  • fully adapted to Russian conditions of use;
  • affordable price;
  • classic strict design with no frills;
  • modern and safe materials.


  • lower density of plastic compared to Rehau;
  • more easily damaged.

The manufacturer Novotex promises a guaranteed window service life of over 40 years. The sealed construction of the windows prevents drafts, the heat saving and sound absorption indicators are at a decent level. They are also very easy to maintain and operate. In numerous reviews, Novotex windows are called one of the best in terms of price / quality ratio.

Windows from both manufacturers are noteworthy, have all the necessary characteristics and have a chance to serve for many years. It is worth noting that Rehau windows are more expensive, but slightly surpass Novotex in terms of plastic density, reliability, thermal insulation and sound insulation. Novotex are adapted to Russian conditions, are more affordable and have decent quality. Only you can decide in favor of which manufacturer to make a choice, based on finances and personal criteria. But in any case, you will not be disappointed.

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