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German plastic windows are, first of all, quality, reliability and high aesthetics of structures. Branded PVC profiles Salamander and Rehau are manufactured according to European standards in modern factories equipped with the most advanced equipment.

Summary of the article:

Salamander profile

The company has been manufacturing PVC profiles for over fifty years.

Main characteristics:

  • 3-6 cameras;
  • outer wall 2.9-3.0 mm;
  • reinforcement 1.5 mm;
  • glass unit thickness 24, 32, 48, 60 mm;
  • mounting depth 60, 76, 92 mm;
  • energy efficiency A +, A ++.

Consumers can buy plastic windows of the Salamander brand of the following models:

  • 2D – the most budgetary option with ideal sound, heat, dust insulation for standard window openings;
  • Streamline – option for panoramic glazing with increased rigidity;
  • BluEvolution – premium systems for entrance and room doors, balcony and facade glazing;
  • HST – sliding two-four-leaf systems for windows, doors, portals.

The original profile has a proprietary marking, which is applied every 50 cm. The classic branded windows of this brand are famous for their snow-white color, perfect surface gloss, high mechanical characteristics, and impact resistance. We also offer more than 40 colored and laminated profiles with a service life of over 45 years.

Rehau profile

The company has been producing profile systems since 1958.

Main characteristics:

  • 3-6 cameras;
  • outer wall 2.8-3.0 mm;
  • reinforcement 1.5 mm;
  • glass unit thickness 32, 41, 44, 54 mm;
  • mounting depth 60, 70, 80, 86 mm;
  • energy efficiency A +, A ++.

The market offers rehau windows of the following models:

  • Blitz – a universal version of window glazing with a three-chamber package, standard or narrowed frame;
  • Sib – profiles for cold northern regions with a four-chamber package, withstanding t up to minus 50 °;
  • Crazio – a narrow profile with increased light transmission, heat and sound insulation, which can withstand temperatures up to minus 40 °;
  • Brilliant – luxury five-chamber package with several sash options;
  • Delight – thin five-chamber package with increased light transmission;
  • Geneo – a premium system with a six-chamber glass unit made of innovative ultra-strong fiberglass, which allows the production of lightweight structures with increased light transmission;
  • Intelio is a six-chamber PVC profile with maximum light transmission, sound and heat insulation due to a three-circuit seal.

The company produces over 50 variants of window profiles (classic white, colored, laminated). For the consumer, the installation of plastic windows of this brand means a guaranteed service life of up to 60 years.

The main differences

Both brands usually use 2 (for the premium segment 3) sealing circuits, radically different in shape. Salamander uses a tubular contour, Rehau – a seal in the form of two petals (this form of tape is recognized as the best technical solution in the field of waterproofing).

Salamander produces all profiles with standard metal reinforcement. The rehau brand for the reinforcement of some models uses the development know-how – the RAU-FIPRO composite composite, which increases the rigidity while reducing the weight of the window block.

The rehau profile is characterized by straight lines, in contrast to the salamander products, which have more rounded edges.

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