tree planting

Autumn is not only harvest time. Planting seedlings of fruit trees in the fall is an excellent solution that all experienced gardeners use. But how to do it correctly and why – we will tell you in this article.

tree planting

Brief content of the article:

Pros and cons of autumn planting

There are enough advantages to planting and transplanting fruit trees in autumn.

It is cheap

Nurseries, especially closer to winter, are starting to sell plants for a penny. In addition, the choice becomes much greater. Large nurseries may even show the fruits that can be obtained from the tree.

tree planting

It’s not troublesome

The most annoying thing about gardening is constant watering. But planting fruit trees in autumn saves the gardener from this boring event.

planting trees in autumn

Nature at this time of the year itself creates favorable conditions for growth. The fruit tree seedlings will be tended by a rainy climate. The roots grow until the temperature outside the window drops to 4 degrees Celsius. Having made the landing on time, you can have time to harden the root system and they can easily survive even the most severe frosts.

how to plant trees in autumn

By the way, if you do everything right, spring growth will begin much earlier.

This saves time

Planting trees in autumn frees up time in the spring, when there is already a lot to do. And what could be worse than planting will be added to the processing of the beds.

autumn tree planting


The minus is also enough, but they are much less noticeable and you can still put up with them.

  • Some trees may die from severe frosts. This usually occurs in northern latitudes, where temperatures drop dramatically.
  • Strong windiness is the most dangerous for young trees. If winter is planned with strong winds, it is better to protect them.

planting trees in autumn

  • If you need to plant fruit trees, it’s worth asking about rodents. If they are very bossy on the site, then they will need to be removed. In autumn, they become gluttonous and eat up the roots.

planting fruit trees

Respect for neighborhood

You cannot plant seedlings in a heap. If you go to any professional garden, you can see the zoning of pome and stone fruit trees. In addition, even they do not interfere with each other, but a specific area is allocated.

trees planting in autumn

This is done for a reason. It is necessary to plant stone fruits as far as possible from pome fruits. This is to prevent a local horticultural pandemic of fruit plants.

tree planting

To make planting stone fruits and fruits easier, it is better to use a cheat sheet:

  • The apple tree, as the most common culture, gets along very well with pears and quince. You can even interfere with them. If you plant stone fruits next to them, then only cherries and plums, they will not harm each other. But shrubs, like currants, barberry, are better to be removed away.

planting an apple tree in autumn

  • The pear takes root well next to apples and quince. Plums and shrubs cannot be tolerated at all.
  • You can plant cherry trees next to the apple tree, but this is also undesirable. The most suitable place is away from all trees. The path of the cherry orchard will be isolated, so it will definitely give good fruits.

planting pears in autumn

We should also mention the wind rose. Depending on the region, it is better to plant seedlings of heat-loving fruit trees in a specific place.

In southern latitudes, this is north. This way you can avoid overheating and spoilage of the crop. In the north – south. In the middle zone – west and north-west.

planting trees in autumn

Planting dates in autumn

When is the best time to plant fruit trees? Autumn is long and each month has its own weather pattern.

planting fruit trees

In general, experienced agronomists say that there is no clear answer to this question. Some are even planted in the summer, although this is not entirely correct. A comfortable answer to the question “when to plant trees in autumn?” – October. The parasites are no longer so active, there is a long winter ahead, but the plants have time to prepare.

planting fruit trees

Should I water the seedlings planted in the fall? If it’s October, no. 1 watering is enough, and after that the weather will do everything by itself.

Preparing the pit and seedling for planting

When the time has come to plant fruit trees, you will need to prepare them accordingly. It is worth starting with a hole, the size of which is determined by the strength of the roots. But it is usually 0.4 meters in diameter and 0.6 in depth. The Semechkovs need more space: 0.8×0.8.

pit preparation for tree planting

If the root system has grown too strong, you will have to act according to the situation. The roots should not bend – this hinders development and causes disease.

planting fruit trees

Caring for young seedlings before planting is also simple. They need to be examined for affected roots: frozen, damaged by mold and rot. It is enough to cut them off, but do not get carried away. The size of the root system should not be less than the crown, or even exceed it.

fruit trees planting

If the roots are very dry, then it is easy to restore them. You need to put the seedling in a bucket of water for a day.

trees planting in autumn

Transplanting trees

Planting a tree is easy, but many gardeners forget about replanting. In one place the garden can grow for at least 10-15 years, but the soil will begin to thin over time. And then you will need a transplant.

trees planting

Before planting trees in the fall in a new place, it must be prepared. This is done in 1-2 years.

transplanting fruit trees

A ditch is dug around the plant about 40 centimeters wide and 100 deep. This should be done only in early spring. In this case, incapacitated roots will be exposed, which must be cut off. The cut points are covered with a mixture of clay and earth. It’s a good idea to add a growth promoter there.

transplanting fruit trees

The ditch is covered with earth with a lot of humus. Now you need to make sure that the fibrous processes are formed. It is they who will be needed to take root in a new place.

fruit trees transplant

When is the best time to plant trees? Autumn is perfect for this. The plant will get used to a new place during this time the next summer it will give delicious fruits.

By the way, what trees are planted in the fall in new places? It is worth selecting only healthy, viable trees, without fatal damage. For plants, this is a specific stress from which they can die.

fruit trees transplant

What trees are not recommended for planting in autumn

We told how to plant fruit correctly. It is worth mentioning those that should not be planted in November, but better left for the spring. Agronomists do not recommend planting:

  • Pear and apple tree.
  • Apricot.
  • Plum.
  • Cherries and sweet cherries.
  • Almond.
  • Peach.

what trees are not recommended to be planted in autumn

As a last resort, they can be planted in September, and early.

what trees are not recommended to be planted in autumn

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