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The service life of spring mattresses is 8 – 15 years. Budget models with
dependent springs can fail earlier – after 7 years. As
operation, the orthopedic structure ceases to perform its functions and can
harm your health. Just throw out a bulky item in the absence of a special
bunker is impossible – you can get a fine in the amount of 2,000 rubles. Solve the problem will help
disposal of mattresses, which involves the removal of furniture with the subsequent environmentally friendly
application or processing option.

Brief content of the article:

How to understand when it is time to change the mattress

Determine the degree of deterioration visually and during operation. The main
signs indicating unsuitability are:

  • deformation – it will be possible to assess the degree of curvature by turning the product by
    edge. Dips and creases are unacceptable and indicate serious problems. If a
    continue sleeping on such a mattress, back ailments, migraines and insomnia
  • bumps on the surface – the product should be smooth to the touch. Lumps and lumps
    give out the knocked-down filler. If at first it is allowed to continue sleeping
    on an old bed, laying a thick blanket on top, then eventually hide the bumps
    will not work. It is better to immediately take care of buying a worthy alternative;
  • squeaks – springs making sounds when changing movement literally states that
    do not cope with the loads. If there are no external signs of deterioration,
    but the sound persists, which means that a breakdown of the unit or individual
  • extraneous odors – a product that has served its purpose has a persistent and unpleasant
    smell. It can be a mixture of sweat, urine, and previously spilled fluids. A pungent smell indicates the multiplication of pathogenic microorganisms that can reduce the quality of sleep and harm health;
  • actual damage – if the cover is torn, it can be repaired. But serious damage to the structure cannot but affect its functionality. In the case of orthopedic models, it is unacceptable to continue using a damaged mattress;
  • expiration of service life – a quality product can please a fantastic
    durability, but each thing has its own resource, which over time
    is exhausted. After 20 years of good service, even a mattress from the official
    store must be replaced due to normal wear and tear.

Also, replacement is carried out if the product is soaked through and through, there are signs of mold.
or fungus, the middle falls through or the edges are significantly below the center. Do not do it
forget that bedding is selected based on weight and height. If the child
grew up or an adult gained extra pounds, or maybe a bachelor’s bed
turned into a matrimonial bedroom, then you should buy a new structure for
appropriate loads.

Why mattresses are not thrown in a landfill

Bulky items are not thrown into a container with household waste. Special
not every waste site has a construction bunker. It is forbidden to put
worn out mattress next to the container. And it’s not just that you have to pay
fine. It is not environmentally friendly and disrespectful towards neighbors. Worse if before
the children will get the debris and use the spring block as a trampoline. To
to prevent such dangers, it is recommended to order the disposal of mattresses in
specialized company.

Some stores offer a pick-up when buying a new product
spoiled. Additionally, a discount may be provided for the goods being sold. it
the best option for those who do not know how to do the right thing and save on
transportation. But stores provide such a service as an exception or in
as a temporary measure to attract buyers.

Disposal methods

What you should definitely not do is set fire to the product. Fillers can easily
ignite, causing fire to spread. Taking into account the dimensions
constructions to control the flame is problematic.
It is also impractical to send the mattress to a spontaneous landfill. Thrown thing can
become a haven for rats and other pests. Recycling represents environmentally friendly
and a safe option and involves the reuse of different elements

Call a mattress disposal company

Environmental issues have led to an increase in the number of organizations dealing with problems
recycling. The activities of such companies are licensed, and the service sector does not include
only processing operations, but also assistance to the population: taking out of the apartment,
transportation. If necessary, you can independently deliver the garbage to the landfill
for subsequent disposal. At the same time, they pay attention to the fact that the general landfill
complex waste is not delivered. The reason is that the individual components
can decompose for tens, if not hundreds of years, causing irreparable damage to the environment

Sell ​​or give away

Give away a thing unsuitable for use in the expectation that another person will save you from
problems with removal and transportation means showing disrespect for
gifted. It is another matter if the product fulfills its functions, but does not fit in
other consideration – in connection with the move, purchase of new furniture, etc. In this case
there is nothing wrong with submitting an ad or giving away for free.

Take to the country

Usually, what is a pity to throw away is taken to suburban areas. If the construction
suitable, its subsequent use is allowed. If the springs are out of order,
the filler is out of order, there are signs of deterioration, you should not engage in transportation.
It is better to leave the rubbish in the nearest construction waste bin or call
organization for the transportation of bulky waste.
Another thing is to give new life to a used thing. Craftsmen can
disassemble the product into its component parts and use each for the manufacture of useful
little things:

  • the filler is suitable for isolating utility rooms, a doghouse;
  • metal springs are used to make garden decorations, holders for seedlings,
    bottles, plant supports;
  • covers and upholstery are suitable for upholstery benches in the gazebo, upholstery of chairs.

Take to an animal shelter

It is allowed to send the product to an animal shelter even in poor condition.
things. Most likely, she will not last long and will go to the landfill, but she will have time to serve
service to our smaller brothers as bedding.

How is the recycling process

The processing method is determined by the design option. What is impossible
recycle, destroy. The automation of the process has not yet been developed,
therefore, most of the operations are done manually. Cutting into components

  • removing the cover, separating the springs from the filler;
  • sorting of prepared raw materials;
  • processing of components separately.

The metal is remelted. The scope of its application is not limited, and therefore the material
suitable for creating the same things as in primary production. Others
the constituents are suitable as constituent components. New
fillers, linings, covers.
The recycling process is complex and involves a step-by-step work with each component.
It is important to sort the garbage correctly, and the already prepared material goes through those
the stages of recycling that are necessary to transform it into a new and useful
raw materials.


Professional disposal of the mattress is the best solution for unsuitable for
the use of bedding. You will have to pay for processing, but
the amount is not so large as to save on the health of the planet and the opportunity to give a new
the life of a used thing. The green method is growing in popularity, but the service
inaccessible to residents of small towns who continue to wonder what
do with heavy and inconvenient to transport …