Varieties of paving slabs

Varieties of paving slabs

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To create access roads to private houses, materials such as concrete, crushed stone, granite paving stones, asphalt are used. But most often, different options for paving slabs are used to decorate the territory of private houses and access roads to them.

The popularity of this material is brought by:

  • high quality,
  • resistance to mechanical abrasion,
  • impact resistance,
  • resistance to natural factors,
  • wide range of colors,
  • a variety of textures.

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For every taste

A wide range of high-quality tiles is currently presented on the building materials market, which makes it possible to choose a material that is ideally suited to the design of the facade of the building and the adjacent territory in style, color, texture:

  • classic paving slabs,
  • smooth paving slabs,
  • vibrated paving slabs,
  • paving slabs brick,
  • paving slabs parquet,
  • paving slabs wave,
  • paving slabs wave, etc.

Various textures, shapes and sizes allow you to create an original unique surface that can highlight and decorate the territory of any home. Production and processing technologies allow you to choose a material with smooth edges, which allows you to lay out a flat surface or artificially aged, in which the edges are perfectly trimmed. Everyone can satisfy their taste.

Qualitative characteristics

The texture of paving slabs is diverse, therefore this material can be used for use in different conditions. For example, a material that does not have wide seams and has a smooth surface is best suited for paving roads. In this case, it is better to give preference to dark colors. On roads with heavy traffic, material with a thickness of 8-10 centimeters is used, and such high parameters are not required for paving adjoining entrances for one family. Tiles 6 centimeters thick are suitable. In this case, more attention is paid to the aesthetic side.

Nowadays, granite paving stones are often used for paving. This is a really durable material, but certain features must be taken into account: chipped surfaces and uneven dimensions create a canvas with a specific aesthetics. In rainy weather, walking on such a canvas is quite dangerous as it is very slippery. In addition, such material is very inconvenient to install, since uneven edges and uneven dimensions create the need for manual rework of individual elements. But square paving slabs are very easy to install, because paving roads from it takes little time and saves money.