Tree peonies: care and cultivation

Tree peonies differ from the rest of their counterparts in that they are grown on a trunk. They have a powerful stem, covered with bark, it is brown in color. This is the main difference. Treelike peonies can also grow in height up to one and a half meters.

Tree peonies are unpretentious, caring for them is simple. Bushes need to be weeded, loosened and watered.

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When should a peony transplant be performed? In spring or autumn?

Many believe that the best time for transplanting and dividing the shrub is early spring. But no one can really say in what month it comes. In some regions, this may be the end of March – early April, while in others, only the beginning of May. And in general I will say so. I think the best time for transplants is the end of summer – the beginning of autumn (from August 15 to September 15). At this time, the peonies have already faded, the leaves and peduncles are cut off, it remains only to dig, divide and transplant to new places.

Growing peonies in the open field. The nuances of caring for them

In the spring, the first care of the plants should be carried out.

  • loosening the soil after the snow melts;
  • – watering after the soil dries well. Plants should be watered with a potassium permanganate solution to disinfect the soil, as well as to accelerate the growth of buds and roots.

In the first half of summer, the bushes should be fed with organic and mineral fertilizers, and after flowering – with phosphorus-potassium fertilizers.

Flowers do not like dampness. Stagnant water will negatively affect the plant. The roots will start to rot and the bush will die. Therefore, after each rain, especially a shower, you need to deeply loosen the soil. When watering peonies, water should be directed under the bush itself, not allowing water to fall on the leaves. In a drought, you need to make sure that the ground near the bush (and up to 5-7 centimeters from the shoots) is not dry, if the ground begins to crack, water the plant urgently, and preferably 2-3 times in a bucket every 40-60 minutes. An adult bush may need 2 buckets of water for watering.

You need to loosen the soil carefully within a radius of 50 cm around the bush, taking care not to damage the roots.

In the first two years, the buds must be removed so that young plants develop better. When buds appear on mature bushes, it is advisable to install supports to support flowers and leaves. Peonies do not last long in a vase, so it is a pity to cut off such beauty. But, when cutting flowers for a bouquet, do not forget to leave at least two leaves on the stem. To prevent the petals of fading peonies from sticking to the leaves, they should be cut off with a small part of the stem. Petals sticking can cause leaf rot in wet weather.

When the peonies are on the ground, carefully cut the stem off at soil level.

In the autumn there should be a transplant of peonies, see the terms above. It is better not to transplant the plant without dividing, as it will have a poorly developed root system.

Tree peonies are easy to care for, tolerate frosts well, delight gardeners with their flowers for many years in a row.

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