TOP 5 popular myths about plastic windows

Plastic windows have long been a basic and practical solution in private and public construction. Despite the demand and popularity, you can still hear a lot of misconceptions related to their technical capabilities and operation. Learn about popular biases. Debunking 5 main myths!

Summary of the article:

Myth 1. PVC windows “don’t breathe”

There is an opinion that the installation of plastic windows will provoke the so-called “greenhouse effect” in the house. They supposedly impede natural ventilation and form an unfavorable microclimate in an apartment, country house or office.

This myth arose due to design features. Plastic doors and windows ensure high tightness and close tightly. This makes it possible to solve the problem of drafts and constant blowing in the room. The special sealing rubber on the window sashes also reduces heat loss.

In fact, PVC windows allow the installation of special ventilation valves in their design. They provide a constant metered flow of fresh air. And unlike wooden windows, they can be opened for “micro-ventilation”, leaving only a minimal gap between the sashes.

Myth 2. Plastic windows turn yellow

At the time of the appearance of the first generation of PVC windows, they really demonstrated their loss of snow-white color with prolonged use. And after 10 years, the owners needed to replace the windows if they wanted to update their appearance. But is this information still relevant?

New generation plastic windows and doors are manufactured using revolutionary technologies. PVC windows no longer turn yellow over time due to their distinctive properties:

  • Special pigments resistant to UV rays are added to the composition of the materials.
  • Regardless of the service life, the window structures remain snow-white.
  • They are not demanding in maintenance and do not need special cleaning.
  • The surface of even white plastic is non-marking.

Myth 3. Only whites?

Design solutions of modern plastic structures are striking in their variety. It is still a mistake to believe that PVC windows can be exclusively white. The window profile not only allows you to choose any color scheme, but also to create a realistic imitation of the wood texture.

Myth 4. Plastic windows are expensive

If you decide to buy windows, compare their cost to similar sized wooden structures. You will be surprised how affordable PVC profiles are today. Moreover, they always allow products to be tailored to individual dimensions and requirements. Competent managers will tell you what you can really save on and order inexpensive but reliable Rehau windows.

Myth 5. Windows cannot be installed in winter

Because of this unreliable information, many owners of country houses still temporarily stop construction if they do not have time to make the glazing of the balcony or rooms before the fall. Plastic windows allow installation even in frosty weather. It is optimal that the temperature does not drop below -20 degrees. The only requirement for installation in the cold is a heated room. Heaters or heat shields can be used temporarily to complete a quality installation.

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