Style in landscape design

Modern trends in landscape design are very different. Style in landscape design is a certain interpretation of the basic rules and techniques of planning, the color scheme of a small garden, the selection of plants and their combination, the type of decorative paving, small architectural forms, garden equipment. Garden design has its own directions, which are gradually supplemented with features of all (including modern) eras of development. In total, there are two main directions of garden design – regular and landscape.

Regular style is large spaces, the dominance of the house, a luxurious strictly symmetrical garden, straight lines, mirroring. The alleys are wide, the trees and bushes are trimmed, the flower beds are carpeted and cut into the lawns, many sculptures, fountains with cascades and pools of strict geometric shapes. And if in Europe, in the gardens, the mood and ideas of the elite that reigns were reflected, then the gardens in the East are a reflection of the religious and philosophical perception of the world.

For example, in the Islamic garden, the basis is the “Garden of Eden”, from which 4 sacred rivers flow and divide it into 4 parts. In the Moorish style, where paving replaces the place of the lawn, Islamic traditions are also the basis.

The landscape style (which came from China) is the absolutization of the beauty of nature, the finding of a point from which the best landscape was seen. The landscape of nature was skillfully processed, including hills and lakes, and the building had to organically fit into the main composition, to which everything obeys. Plants have a natural crown, leaves – taking into account color, shape and texture, flowers – planted in groups and in small quantities, reservoirs – with natural banks.

A Japanese landscape garden is about relaxation and tranquility, enjoying nature and miniaturization. The area of ​​the garden is small, the landscape is far from natural nature, but all the details of the garden have a complex inner meaning.

The Russian landscape style is nature, untouched in large areas, flower beds, ponds dug by cascades, groves of fruit. The Russian garden is both utilitarian and decorative. Vegetable gardens in Russian gardens are rich in the harvest of vegetables, and not only in decoration.

Modern landscape design is widely used on private land plots of various sizes and tries to reflect the ideas and philosophy of its time, complemented by modern technologies. The garden is the embodiment of the taste and lifestyle of its owner. The most popular in our time is the ecological garden, as well as the emphasized naturalness of the garden. Haute couture in modern landscape design is the ecology of the landscape and a lot of attention to ornamental grasses and wild plants.

Another fashionable style is an imitation of an abandoned old garden, a recreation of a picture of pristine nature. But this is an expensive pleasure.
Garden landscape design at the beginning of the third millennium is not an easy author’s work. The garden is the embodiment of the taste and lifestyle of its owner, a comfortable, harmonious space where beauty reigns.

– 17.05