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Many owners of plastic windows do not even know about the role, and sometimes even the existence, of such a detail in the design as glazing bead. The name of this element is associated with the classic wooden window frames, which were made in country houses, and kept the glass from falling out. In plastic windows, the glazing bead keeps the glass unit in the frame, but due to its shape and design it looks solid with the overall geometry of the window frame.

Brief content of the article:

Installation of glazing beads

There are two types of installation of glazing beads for plastic windows. The first is when it is installed flush with the front side of the window profile and has a complete appearance. This type of glazing bead arrangement is characteristic of expensive window systems with high-quality fittings and profiles. In cheaper models, the glass unit retainer is recessed against the background of the geometry of the window frame, which looks ugly aesthetically. Staples are always placed on the inside of the profile, otherwise, it becomes leaky and easily broken by potential robbers.

Cons of a recessed location:

  • External appearance;
  • A shelf is formed at the junction of the fittings and the frame – serves as a place for the accumulation of dust and dirt that are difficult to remove during the cleaning process;
  • Windows begin to sweat when the temperature drops due to improper air exchange.

In order to avoid such an unpleasant effect, it is necessary to choose window profiles with the installation of a glazing bead of at least 21 mm with an assembly width of 70 mm, and 25 mm when installing warm, winter double-glazed windows. In cheap counterparts, the size does not exceed 18 mm, which is a standard indicator for budget metal-plastic windows.

Types of glazing beads and their choice

According to their shape and structure, modern glazing beads for metal-plastic windows are divided into three main types – beveled, shaped and rounded. Most often, a rounded, streamlined product is used. To create an original design for the window frame, a curly type is used – it looks beautiful in a laminated profile and in an Art Nouveau interior design.

All glazing beads are attached using special grooves with a standard latch. Unscrupulous suppliers often use the replacement of the original glazing bead from the company with a cheaper analogue. You can distinguish a fake by paying attention to the important points:

  • The product differs in the quality of the material and the color of the window frame;
  • Poor quality sealant that dries quickly, forming cavities for condensation and collecting dust and dirt;
  • A different thermal expansion is a different response with the frame material to a change in the temperature regime “street-house”. One material can be much more distorted and lose its visual appeal, change color under the influence of sunlight (substitution can only be determined during the operation of metal-plastic windows);
  • Condensation
  • Problems with the size – too long leads to rupture of the corners of the profile, and with a short one, gaps for blowing are formed;
  • Poor adhesion to the double-glazed window is the main factor in replacing the original glazing bead, which should sit in the grooves like a glove.

When choosing metal-plastic windows, it is necessary to take into account the quality and originality of such a detail as glazing bead. A proprietary glass unit retainer will allow you to achieve the maximum energy-saving effect from metal-plastic windows, directly affect the service life of the structure and its integrity. If a low-quality window glazing is found, it is necessary to replace it with a more suitable branded version (produced by a specialist at home).

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