rules and terms, 12 names of flowers that are best to plant in the fall

Since October, summer residents and owners of backyard territories have been working to clean up plots, prepare them for wintering and plant flowers before winter (ornamental shrubs, perennials and annuals). In order for them to start growing in the spring months, it is important to follow the sequence of actions correctly. Before starting work, it is worth finding out what flowers can be sown before winter, what bulbous flowers are planted in the fall, and other information.

Summary of the article:

Disembarkation rules

Where to plant

Sowing flowers before winter is possible immediately in the front garden or in a special school for seedlings. In the garden, flower growers use high ridges.

You can also plant flower seeds under a greenhouse roof.

In order not to transplant annual flowers, it is better to prepare flower beds at the end of the autumn period.

Soil preparation

In the middle zone of the Russian Federation, preparation of land for the autumn planting of annual plants begins at the end of September or early October, in the south – in the first half of November.

If the season is warm and dry, you can start working whenever you want.

The main thing is that the temperature is above zero, there is no precipitation. When preparing, you need to follow this procedure:

  1. Gardeners weed, dig up and loosen the earth, then level it with a rake.
  2. On the site, with the tip of the boot, summer residents outline the contours of the future flower bed. They should be deep, well-defined so that rain and snow will not wash them away.
  3. Then you should start drawing holes for flowers (you can make them twice as deep as usual, as the soil will sag over time). The finished ridges will need to be left before setting freezing temperatures.

In addition to the beds, before frost, you will need to prepare the substrate. To do this, summer residents are advised to add peat and sand to the garden soil in a ratio of 1: 2: 1, or buy a ready-made composition.

The mixture is not stored outdoors or in garden buildings, otherwise it will freeze and harden.

When the frosts begin, and the forecasts do not foresee a thaw for at least two weeks in a row, you can start sowing.

In the fall, it is worth filling in twice as many seeds as in the spring months. Florists plant them in frozen holes and cover them with a prepared substrate. The landing site is fenced off with boards so that the sown is not washed off by precipitation (sheets of plywood, pieces of slate are suitable).

In each bed, it is advisable to put a plastic plate with the names of plants.


Alyssum and Lobularia

Lobularia and Alyssum are flowers that are similar in cultivation and care.

Due to winter sowing, it is possible to obtain seedlings that are resistant to weather conditions.

The garden bed should have frosted loose soil, the Ph level of which is close to neutral. When sowing, you can add river sand.

Aster annual

What annuals can still be sown before winter? With this sowing, asters begin to bloom much earlier.

In addition, the risk of fungal growth is reduced.

But the site should be well lit and warmed up by the sun with loose soil, neutral Ph.

You should not plant asters where tulips, gladioli and asters themselves were previously grown. So that the liquid does not stagnate in the garden and it warms up faster in the spring, it is placed at a height of 15 to 20 cm.


What flowers can be planted in the fall? Florists express contradictory judgments about sowing marigolds at this time.

To grow them, it is important to know what conditions are needed for the seeds. They need warmth. If it is not enough, there will be a lot of moisture and they will begin to rot.

Marigolds grow well where winter months are not very cold and spring comes early. Greenhouse crops are covered with peat.


Godetia looks great in hanging flowerpots and front gardens. These are the seeds that can be sown to achieve early flowering.

Godetia should be sown in the southern regions, in colder regions it is advisable to mulch it in order to protect it from frost.


What flowers to plant in the fall? Growing unpretentious calendula is easy even for novice growers.

This culture belongs to cold-resistant, grows well in the spring months, and after autumn crops. Sowing is possible in almost any land. If necessary, the plant can be easily transplanted.

Biennials and perennials


What flowers can be planted before winter? Lavender is a beautiful purple flower, but quite whimsical, since it requires special conditions and cold stratification for germination.

When sowing in spring, summer residents have to place containers with earth in the refrigerator.

To grow lavender in open soil, find a dry, loose, wind-sheltered area that is well lit by the sun.

If the acidity of the earth is increased, it is pre-mixed with lime or wood ash. Before wintering, the beds are mulched, and during frosts they are covered with snow.


What other flowers are planted before winter? Lupins will become a bright accent against the backdrop of garden greenery and will sprout well with the onset of spring.

Gardeners sow lupine in flower beds without further transplanting. In doing so, they take into account the height of the plants and the degree of their growth.

The distance between them should reach from 25 to 30 cm. Lupins grow in the sun or in partial shade.

Alpine aster

What perennial flowers can be planted in the fall? Growing an aster is a snap.

It is sown before the onset of cold weather or at the beginning of May in wooden boxes or plastic containers, and then it is dropped into the soil. For a flower bed with asters, a sunny place or partial shade is suitable.

In this case, the beds are located on a small hill.


What other flowers should you plant in the fall? Gypsophila is sown immediately in the front gardens, since it may not take root in new places.

After a few years, it grows strongly, so two or three plants per square meter are planted in the ground.

For sowing, it is advisable to choose an open dry place with sandy loam soil.

Pebbles and river sand can be added to the ground.


Primrose is another plant that can be planted before winter, as its seeds need to be stratified.

Florists usually sow it not in the beds, but in separate boxes. In this case, the land is carefully prepared. If it is dense, it will be difficult for the seedling to break through it.

If necessary, loosened primer can be purchased at the store.


What flowers are planted in the fall before winter? Nivyanik, which is popularly called garden chamomile, is winter-hardy and tolerates sub-zero temperatures well.

Due to this “hardening” the entrances become strong. Preparation and seeding do not require any special tricks: everything is done in a standard way.


Growing a delphinium from seeds is not an easy task. The plant needs cold stratification.

In addition, good germination occurs mainly when sowing fresh seeds. For spring planting, summer residents store them in the refrigerator.

Delphinium is only suitable for light, loose soil. The flower does not tolerate transplantation.

The flower bed should be located in a place that is sanctified and protected from gusts of wind. Sowing is done to a depth of 3 mm. In the winter months, gardeners cover crops with mulch.

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