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For glazing a balcony, two supports are required – a lower and an upper one. If a parapet is used below, then at the top is a balcony slab of neighbors living on the floor above. In the case when the apartment is located on the top floor, an additional roof over the balcony is required.

The need to install a canopy is present when the top plate does not completely cover the balcony, the structure is destroyed, or the distance to it is much greater. In this case, the glazing of the balcony, as well as the installation of plastic windows, must be carried out on the condition that it is necessary to create a high-quality roof.

The roof to be equipped must meet the following conditions:

– to be durable and reliable. Note that plastic windows should be attached to the highest quality and durable system,

– do not let moisture inside the room,

– have a low mass and an oblique shape (about 30 °),

– protect from the scorching sun and low temperatures,

– be resistant to the weight of snow, gusts of wind and the effects of precipitation.

Balcony roofs – types

When installing a roof for a balcony, two different systems can be used:

– dependent. It is a whole complex “roof plus windows”. For such glazing, an aluminum profile is usually used. In this case, the roof is attached to the frame block and the wall located on the opposite side. The main advantages of this system include affordable cost, ease of installation, reliability and low weight of the structure. This is the best option for apartments located in old buildings,

– independent. Provides for the installation of a canopy over the balcony. For the installation of such a structure, brackets are used, on which the roofing is fastened. In this case, any materials can be used. This system can be used when installing a Rehau window when full glazing of the balcony is not required. Such a roof is not capable of exerting a load on translucent structures.

Possible roof covering

The following materials can be used as roofing materials:

– metallic profile. Belongs to the category of affordable and practical options,

– euro slate or bituminous slate. It is characterized by excellent tightness, good indicators of hydro and noise insulation, low weight,

– metal tiles. It is a very popular material at the present time. Polymer layers help create excellent corrosion resistance and an attractive appearance,

– polycarbonate. A modern material suitable for citizens who want a transparent roof. Polycarbonate sheets are durable and lightweight. It is better to give preference to monolithic material options.

When glazing a balcony devoid of an upper plate, it is necessary not only to buy plastic windows from a trusted manufacturer, but also to take into account many additional factors. It is necessary to assess the general condition of the balcony base, as well as to decide on the coating option and the method of roof fastening. Do not forget about high-quality thermal insulation of the structure. This will help maintain a good indoor climate.

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