Repair and implementation of a design project

When you have your own home, then, first of all, there is an idea that it will be the most cozy and comfortable area where you will feel happy. The entire furnishings of the premises, whether it be an apartment or a house, should be conducive to peace and comfort. And if you hide there from the surrounding everyday problems, then the opportunity to relax should be maximum.

These dreams can be realized by the studio “Interdesign”, which carries out design renovation. Its services can be used not only by the owners of residential premises, but also by the owners of shops, cafes, restaurants and offices.

Why is it profitable to contact Inter-design.

The implementation of a design project is the main task that the company sets itself. Taking into account the wishes of the customer, the company’s employees make every effort to create the space that will satisfy any customer.

Design projects of apartments include repairs, both of a separate room, and of the entire building as a whole, as well as of the facade of the house and the arrangement of a personal plot.

Usually, when performing design repairs, a joint decision is formed on how the housing will look and the customer’s vision. Experts, having listened to the owner, offer their own solutions.

The price of designer renovation will directly depend, firstly, on the chosen material, and, secondly, on the created stylish project.

You can implement the following options:

  • classic style;
  • minimalism;
  • modern.

You can make designer repairs in a single style solution, or you can arrange an individual interior in each separate room. For this, the organization employs specialists in the relevant areas, who are highly qualified masters of their craft.

Works are carried out in all settlements. When placing an order, the client indicates his place of residence: a city or a rural region. If the work is carried out in a detached building, then you can order the landscape design of the adjacent territory.

In addition to the furniture available in a large assortment, orders for the manufacture of individual components are accepted, if furniture of a special size is required. There is a large selection of fixtures for any room. Each client who has used the services of the Inter-design company remains completely satisfied with the work performed.

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