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There are many manufacturers of window structures on the domestic market, but many distinguish the products of two companies: Rehau (Germany) and Deceuninck (Belgium). Both concerns create plastic windows characterized by good heat and sound insulation properties, reliability and durability. Most people who wish to purchase PVC window systems, the question arises as to which is better than Rehau or Deceuninck and which products to give preference to? Next, we will try to deal with this discussion.

Criteria for assessing the quality of windows

Both manufacturers offer customers a truly wide range of models of window designs from luxury to budget series. When choosing windows, it is worth studying indicators that affect the service life and overall quality of products. Let’s highlight the key characteristics that should be considered when choosing:

– the thickness of the glass unit,

– the number of cameras located inside the window frame,

– profile width,

– type of reinforcement,

– the number and configuration of the contours of the seal,

– the width of the outer wall of the profile.

Rehau and Deckenink products are in the same price category, however, the values ​​for the above characteristics are still different. Rehau windows are better in certain components, than Deceuninck in others.

Air chambers

Plastic structures have a certain space inside and created using partitions. This space is called an air chamber. It is she who is responsible for noise protection and heat preservation.

These companies create profiles with 3, 5 and 6 cameras. KST (coefficient of resistance to thermal protection) for a profile with the smallest Deckenink Forward thickness of 60 mm is equal to 0.65. For the Rehau Blitz analog with a thickness of 60 mm, this value is 0.63.

Profile models with 6 cameras, Deceuninck Eforte and Rehau Geneo are identical in this regard. The CST is 1.05. From this we can conclude that the products do not actually differ. High-quality installation of plastic windows from both companies will help make the atmosphere in the house more comfortable.

The quality of the used seals

Sealing rubber used in window systems allows the movable sash to be held tightly against a completely static frame. These elements affect the performance of sound insulation, water resistance, as well as protection against unnecessary drafts. The manufacturers in question use seals that differ in configuration and number of circuits.

Dequeninck uses double-circuit seals for budget models, and three-circuit variations for premium models. The configuration of the sealing gum is a special chamber with an adjacent petal.

Rehau uses a four-circuit seal, supplemented by two petals. There is no space between the latter. This fact prevents the formation of ice and moisture accumulation. The solution from the German manufacturer is of higher quality.

Reinforcement type

Plastic is a rather fragile material. To increase the strength indicators, it must be reinforced with a galvanized steel profile. For structures from 70 mm, Deceuninck uses a reinforcing profile similar to the letter G. For budget models, a U-shaped profile is used. The Rehau manufacturer uses only a G-shaped profile. Therefore, if you want to buy plastic windows that do not differ in high cost, then you should look towards the products of a German manufacturer.

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