Projects of houses with elite kitchens

In 2020, people turned to architecture companies and design organizations much more often than usual. The most popular were two-level cottages or houses with an attic floor. The usual single-storey housing has not lost its relevance either. People who are tired of huddling in small rooms of apartment buildings want space, so most of the projects purchased were with a total area of ​​200 sq. m and more. Although there were also small cottages, for example, 4M5104 in 82 sq. m.

An important issue is savings. In order not to inflate the construction budget when building houses, it is advisable to use modern building materials and progressive technologies. For example, aerated concrete is a lightweight, durable and heat-insulating material. It is cheaper than brick, reduces the cost of building the foundation, the cost of insulation and shortens the construction time.

House 4M758 is a striking example of modern architecture in the style of minimalism: rectangular cottage configuration, flat roof, no frills, simple decor in the form of fragmentary wood wall decoration. The house is decorated with a stylish balcony with a metal and glass fence. The internal space is used with the inherent rationality of minimalism, divided into functional blocks of premises. On the ground floor there is a living area, which includes a recreation room and a spacious hall, which is formed by combining a kitchen, dining room and recreation area, technically represented by a garage and a boiler room. Finding elite kitchens in Moscow is not a problem today.

The upper level houses the personal space of the residents of the house, consisting of living rooms and a bathroom.

The project of a house with an attic 4M716 is a spacious mansion of 280 sq. m. The exterior of the house will delight you with the black and white contrast of the roof, large rectangular windows on the first floor and an abundance of mansard windows on the second, as well as stylish fragmentary wall decoration with wood. This design gives an indescribable feeling of boundless space. Inside, the house is divided by floor into zones of night and day pastime.

– 24.06