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Frame houses are gaining more and more admirers. They have a huge number of advantages and not so many disadvantages, some of which are related to ordinary prejudices. They are easy to build and cheap enough to save money. But the main plus is that they do not require time to shrink, which means that immediately after construction, you can install doors and windows, arrange interior premises and move in without spending an extra year or two.

Summary of the article:

Which windows are better to choose?

In the frame house, you can install wooden, aluminum and plastic windows various sizes, shapes, configurations and configurations. Each of these types has advantages and disadvantages. PVC windows are considered the most versatile and economical option. Their modern versions meet high quality standards and are distinguished by a wide range of advantages. These include:

  • High environmental friendliness;
  • Excellent heat and noise insulation properties;
  • Absolute ease of care;
  • Creation of conditions for minimal heat loss;
  • High resistance to any external influences;
  • Tightness and safety;
  • Long service life;
  • External aesthetics.

A bright representative of high-class manufacturers – window Rehau… This company provides a wide selection of windows of all sizes and formats. In the manufacture, advanced equipment and technologies are used, and a variety of colors and textures of window decoration elements allows you to choose the best option for any room.

How to install windows in a frame house?

Installation work in wooden houses is carried out at different times and using different technologies. Has its advantages installation of windows in a frame house: no need to wait a year or two for shrinkage of the finished structure, no need to create a casing. You should start work in dry, calm weather, when the walls are already sheathed with OSB sheets. Window openings are usually marked and created during the construction process according to the specified parameters.

The first step is to create good insulation. The wall of the house along the entire perimeter of the opening is covered from the outside with a hydro-windproof film, and from the inside with a vapor barrier and carefully fixed. If necessary, waterproofing from the outside and vapor barrier from the inside are also glued to the window.

The next step is to carefully align the window in the opening using a plumb line and a building level. The permissible heel over the entire surface of the window is no more than 3 mm, therefore installation of plastic windows carried out with constant checking of the horizontal and vertical over the entire area. On all sides of the opening, gaps of up to 2 cm should remain for further insulation and fastening.

The leveled window is fixed in the opening with mounting plates, and the insulating film on the window is glued to the film on the facade, after which the gaps are carefully foamed. It is important to remember that at this stage the window must be assembled and closed, and also protected from the ingress of polyurethane foam.

The final stage is the gluing of the internal seams with a vapor barrier tape, starting from the lower horizontal and ending with the upper one. Next, the installation of the window sill, low tide and slopes is carried out.

Self-installation of windows in a frame house will not cause any particular difficulties, especially if you work with a partner. However, if there are even slight doubts about the success of self-installation, you should contact the professionals. The most important – buy plastic windows, which will meet all the requirements and wishes, and many companies provide services for their installation free of charge.

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