garden care in autumn

Preparing a garden for winter for beginners is a very difficult task. It depends on how well the harvest will be. It is important how the soil is prepared. Therefore, in order to avoid fatal mistakes, we have prepared simple instructions for beginners!

garden care in autumn

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Works in September

Preparations for winter should begin in September. Do not delay with this. You can lose time and a number of important work will not work.

garden care in autumn

Autumn tree feeding

Fruit trees and shrubs store nutrients from the beginning of the temperature drop.

And it depends on how good the harvest will be, since a lack of vitamins and minerals will lead to partial death.

garden care in autumn

Plants can no longer take them from the soil. The soil is depleted after summer and requires special treatment. It’s easy to do – you just need the right feeding. Each plant requires a different dose and nutrient mix.

It’s easier to do this using a cheat sheet:

  • Apples and pears. They need to be fertilized immediately after the entire crop has been harvested. For good wintering, they only need a glass of superphosphate and potassium sulfate.
  • Plum and cherry plum. The same fertilizers, but 2 tablespoons each.
  • Cherry and sweet cherry. These stone fruits are not very fond of potassium sulfate, but it is necessary for development. Here you need only 2 spoons of SC and a glass of superphosphate.
  • Gooseberry. One and a half glasses of superphosphate and 3.5 tablespoons of potassium sulfate.

garden care in autumn

This completes the fertilization of trees and shrubs for winter. For other plants, you can apply the rule: pomes – a glass of superphosphate and potassium sulfate; stone fruit – a glass of phosphate and ¼ potassium.

garden care in autumn


We are preparing the garden further and it’s time to send the trees for spa treatments. Peeling is necessary for mature trees over 6 years old. During this time, their bark seriously coarsens, where lichen and pests settle with pleasure.

garden care in autumn

It is quite simple to clean it – you just need to brush the trunk and branches with a stiff brush.

Often the lichen does not want to leave the bark, even after an iron brush. It is enough to process the remainder with iron vitriol.

lichen on tree bark

Hardening and mulching

Young trees planted in spring have a root system not yet prepared for extreme cold. They need to be well tempered. For this, a layer of earth near the root circle is removed by 5 centimeters. Parts of the roots must be exposed so that frost can affect them.

garden care in autumn

Preparing fruit trees for winter in the fall will not end there. The soil needs to be mulched. For this, fallen leaves are suitable. It is good for air permeability and acts as a nutrient medium.

soil mulching

Works in October

October already meets trees with more aggressive weather and variable winds. But this will not harm the plants, because we are preparing for winter according to the correct instructions.

tree care in October

Moisture charging irrigation

Caring for trees in winter is impossible and watering will not work. In this case, you will need to charge the plants with moisture for all 3 months already in October.

The depth of the bay is determined by the spreading of the root system. Usually a simple calculation is made: 1 liter per centimeter. That is, for a large fruit tree, a water charge of 100 liters is needed, since their roots can reach 1 meter.

Moisture charging irrigation

In young seedlings, the roots rarely exceed 30 centimeters, so they need less water. Only 5 buckets are enough.

Pruning trees

Without sanitary pruning, plants will begin to die and produce a meager crop. This is easy to do, as you need regular garden shears. First of all, you need to cut off the grapes and all shrubs:

  • Raspberry. It grows overgrown with root shoots, which will prevent it from developing in the next season.
  • Currant. This shrub is very sensitive to old shoots that prevent new ones from growing. Therefore, you need to cut off anything over five years old.
  • Kalina. It is important here to allow as much light as possible into the middle of the bush. Therefore, the crown is thinned out.

shrub pruning

On trees, affected branches are removed, which are unlikely to bear fruit. Preparing trees for winter is very difficult, as damaged branches are cut at full height. Places of twisted large branches are best covered with clay.

pruning trees in autumn

Sanitary pruning can only be carried out after the sap flow has stopped. This can be determined by dropping foliage.

Spraying against pests

Many people skip this step, because in winter the pests fall asleep, and damage is invisible on the surface of the bark. This is not true! All parasites remain in dormant buds and roots.

spraying trees from pests

The simplest composition is ferrous sulfate. The substance is universal, kills lichen, fungi, insect parasites. In addition, vitriol saturates the plant with useful trace elements. Even spraying a large garden will require a kilogram of concentrate per 15 liters of water.

spraying trees from pests

Garden care in the fall is possible with other substances. If trees in your area are damaged by bacterial spotting, rot, clasterosporosis, you need copper sulfate. You need to make a 5 percent solution.

spraying trees from pests

Rodent protection

The winter orchard is a target for various rodents, such as hares, beavers, rabbits, and voles. As there is less food, they move to the bark of pome trees. It is easy to protect it – you just need to close the trunk at a height of 70 centimeters from the ground.

protecting trees from rodents

This can be done with a rubber tire, plastic mesh, spruce branches and even roofing material.

Works in November

How to prepare your garden for winter in November? It is enough to carry out residual work, for which even the experience of a gardener is not needed.

garden maintenance in November


Protects from frost bumps and bright sunlight. Any reflective surface is needed, like:

  • Lime. A cheap material that quickly rinses off the tree trunk. Recommended only if it is not possible to buy other materials. Moreover, it does not protect against parasites. You can strengthen it a little if you dilute it not with water, but with milk.
  • Water-based paint. The only advantage is stability compared to lime. But it also does not protect against parasites.
  • Acrylic paint. It often comes with an antiseptic composition, so it is an excellent protection against insects and fungi.

whitewashing trees in autumn

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