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We all want to surround ourselves with beauty as much as possible. It helps us feel better and more confident. Many people buy a country house to get emotional harmony with themselves, warmth and a sense of security from the outside world. However, comfort and beauty should be not only inside the house, but also outside.

Do not think that arranging a neat garden is too expensive. It is quite possible to tastefully equip your house and yard with your own hands without high costs. To do this, for a start it is worth reading blogs about landscape design, for example, this one, or others like that, to learn the basics of design and selection of plants. People with good imagination and volumetric-spatial thinking are quite capable of making a decent courtyard themselves.

Landscape design programs in 2021.

In order to make a simple plan and three-dimensional visualization of the site, it is not necessary to learn such complex design programs as archicad, 3dMax or the like. In 2021, one of the best representatives of such software is google sketcup, which combines simplicity and great functionality. Of course, for a real professional visualization, similar to a real photo, this will not be enough, but in most cases such a task is not worth it for people who want to quickly and conveniently design their first landscape.

How to choose a style?

In order for everything to look harmonious, it is worth choosing a certain style. And do not associate this with the high cost of materials and the complexity of the work. Everything can be simple and inexpensive, but it looks better than an expensive and complex design. There are quite a few styles, so you can choose the best option for yourself. For example, classic, English, French, Japanese, modern, Chinese, high-tech, Moorish, oriental, exotic, alpine, even free. The choice of landscape design options depends only on you. The main thing is to try to do everything at a high quality level.

It is important to remember that all elements must be combined with each other. Do not overload the territory with a large number of objects, otherwise your design will be heavy and uncomfortable. Don’t forget about smooth transitions from low to tall objects. Low objects should be closer and tall ones farther away. This is done so that everything is visible, and the project is more accented and deep.

You will succeed!

Of course, no one can tell you exactly how to equip your territory. Even familiar landscape designers can only give recommendations, and to listen to them or not is already your personal decision. Everyone has different tastes and preferences. So, only you can know which landscape is most suitable for you. Go for it, and you will definitely succeed!

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