How to choose a household fan: practical recommendations

It is very important to maintain the correct microclimate in the house, because this directly affects the state of health. For this purpose, you should buy an exhaust fan, which will ensure effective circulation of air masses. It is not worth postponing the purchase indefinitely, because the cost of a duct fan remains at an affordable level, and the benefits from it are invaluable.

The choice of equipment should be approached responsibly, taking into account a large number of factors. We will tell you what to look for in this article.


The power of the equipment must correspond to the area of ​​the room, only then it will work as efficiently as possible. Before buying, calculations should be made to calculate the optimal power indicator. You should take into account the performance, the frequency of air exchange, the volume of the room, the length of the ventilation ducts.


The diameter of the exhaust fan must match the diameter of the ventilation shaft. Then it will be installed as tightly as possible into it. On the market, fans are sold with a standard diameter – 80,100,120, 125, 150 mm.


Modern fans presented at the link can perform a number of additional functions. For example, many models have a built-in humidity sensor. It determines the humidity level in the room. If its rate is exceeded, then the equipment automatically starts working. When the humidity level reaches optimal values, the fan turns off by itself, which is very convenient.

An equally useful feature is the sleep timer.

The user can set a specific time for the fan. Upon its expiration, it will automatically turn off. Thus, you can significantly save on electricity.

Fans from the premium market segment are equipped with a motion sensor. The equipment starts its work when a person enters the room. If there is no one in the room, then it turns off.

Domestic fans from Vozdux

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