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Deaf fences are also not suitable for erection in a small area, where they may cause a feeling of isolation and locked-in. In addition, visually, the site will seem even smaller.

Deaf hedges affect the microclimate of the earth, changing it for the worse, since the circulation of natural air currents is disturbed. An alternative option would be a chain-link fence, planted along with climbing saplings, or a picket fence. The most delicious and affordable mesh netting is presented here. Order now!

Trees that grow tall are not the best solution for a small area. Due to the developed system of roots and the shadow falling from their lush crown, the opportunity to decorate the territory will be beautifully reduced.

Taking into account all the rules and recommendations, you should draw a plan of the site, which will display the places of construction and planting of trees, shrubs, the territory allocated for the beds and flower beds, as well as recreation areas and the placement of decor elements.

Summary of the article:

Style selection

The style of landscape design of the site can be of two types:

Natural (landscape) – allows you to beat the territory in different ways. Irregularities and other flaws of the site are made in the form of a reservoir with a bridge over it or an alpine slide.

You can add volume to the territory by arranging a flower arrangement with plants of different colors, shapes and heights. Straight laid out tracks are not appropriate here.

Regular – here the main is the axial composition. It is in relation to which the landing will be organized symmetrically. However, this style is more suitable for large allotments.

Territory zoning

The main construction object is a house. It is in relation to it that all other elements will be further placed.

They place a residential building, as a rule, closer to the entrance, orienting the front side to the street. It is very convenient and practical to place a garage on a single building foundation.

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