Garden at your home - we plant greenery on your apartment and house

Houseplants make your home livelier and more comfortable. True, in order to properly decorate a home with flowers, it is not enough to have an artistic taste. You need to have an idea of ​​the effect that plants have on us, about the required conditions for their maintenance (temperature, humidity, lighting). In general, landscaping of apartments and houses – each zone should be individual.

Summary of the article:

Flowers in the bedroom

Decorate your bedroom with flora that has a calming effect. These are lavender and pelargonium, exuding a delicate scent that has a healing effect on the nervous system. Avoid plants with annoying, vibrant scents. Also, do not place cacti that cause emotional stress and do not provide an opportunity to relax.

Small plants can be placed near the bed. Among them are fittonia, cryptanus, begonia and primrose.

Flowers for the living room

In a large living room, you can put a ficus, palm tree or fragrant dracaena. Due to their height, they will not get lost in the space of the room and divide it into zones.

For flowers, it is better to define your corner by placing pots nearby, from each other. Flowering plants are put forward, then taller flowers with large leaves. You can create a mini garden where different plants are planted in a spacious container or filled with pots. To hide them, earth, peat or bark are applied in between.

If your living room is small, place the pots and pots on the windowsills, shelves, floor, and hang along the walls. If there is a shady side in the room, or there is a workplace in the living room, then specialists with the service – greening of offices will pick up the necessary plants. Try to alternate green plants with flowering plants.

Flowers for the nursery

When decorating a nursery, consider safety. Do not put flower pots on windowsills and other places accessible to the child. Better define them on the closet. Also, avoid prickly flowers to prevent injury or pricks.

To maintain the psycho-emotional background of the child, place in his room:

  • geranium, which ionizes the air and soothes the nerves;
  • a violet that develops an aesthetic vein;
  • unusual indoor maple;
  • citrus fruits, toning and relieving tension.

Do not start flowering plants without talking to your child’s doctor, as some of them can cause allergies.

Flowers in the kitchen

Very few plants can tolerate the microclimate of a kitchen. Among them are Tradescantia, akalefa, ivy, chlorophytum, geranium, aspidistra, sansevier. It is not necessary to place everything in pots, you need to buy a lechuza planter to place in free spaces on the wall. But even these flowers require constant care. Once every 2-3 days, it is necessary to wipe their leaves with a damp cloth to remove the settling dust and dirt.

Ornamental fruit trees are also suitable for the kitchen: lemons and tangerines. True, they will have to be watered often, and transferred to cooler areas of the apartment for the winter.

Herbs can be grown on the windowsill:

  • basil,
  • cilantro,
  • melissa,
  • dill and others.

Flowers in the hallway

The choice of plants for the hallway is small, since there is usually little light here, and drafts often reign. Such stress-resistant plants include aspidistra and cissus. A dark hallway can be decorated with bouquets of dried flowers. They do not need to be looked after, and they serve as decoration of the room for quite a long time.

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