how to plant black currants with cuttings

How to plant currants in the fall, every summer resident should know. This berry is perfect for compote or jam, ennobles the site and is incredibly useful. And how it is propagated will be discussed in this article.

how to plant black currants with cuttings

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When is the best time to cut

What are the dates for planting currants in the fall? The best time is September and October. This is a good time when the currant cuttings go smoothly.

currant cuttings

During this period, the process of sap flow slows down, which means that with sharp freezing, no breaks will occur inside the body of the plant. The juice consists of water, which, when frozen, turns into ice and increases to 10 percent.

how to plant black currants with cuttings

Rooting methods for cuttings

When forming the future shrub, it is important to root the cuttings of black currant. You can choose from 1 of 3 ways:

  • In the substrate.
  • In solution with a root growth stimulator.
  • In regular water, before the cuttings release the roots.

currant cuttings

Beginners, and even experienced gardeners, often take 3 recipes because it is easier and cheaper for them to root. The instruction is very simple:

  • A couple of weeks before planting the currants correctly in the fall, the cuttings are placed in a jar and filled with water.
  • You need to change the water every day so that it does not overflow.
  • After 10 days, the roots will begin to break through.
  • After another 4 days, you can plant currants in the preparatory soil.

how to plant currants by cuttings

The second method is similar, but requires a growth stimulator. You can buy it at any hardware store or flower sales points.

It comes either in tablets or in powder form and costs a penny. According to the instructions, the drug is mixed in water and cuttings are sent there.

growth stimulator for currants

In this case, the cuttings of black currant appear much faster.

The first method is the most difficult and you will have to prepare the substrate yourself. Before planting seedlings, you need to prepare:

  • Land for indoor plants (turf).
  • Aspen sawdust.
  • Vermiculite (hydromica mineral, not expensive, but sold only in bags).
  • Water.

how to plant currants by cuttings

How to save cuttings? Vermiculite is poured into the bottom of the can. 3 parts of sawdust are mixed separately (they must first be thoroughly steamed) and 1 part of the earth. They are poured on top of the vermiculite about 5 centimeters. The stalk is inserted into the ground 3 centimeters.

currant cuttings

After that, it is already possible to plant currants in the fall in the preparatory ground.

Planting currant cuttings in the ground

Planting currants with cuttings in the fall requires more preparation. Now we need to plant them in the ground so that the root system is strengthened and ready for wintering. You can plant in 2 ways:

  • In open ground. We organize a small landing site right on the site. To prevent the seedlings from dying, we organize a small greenhouse. You can use a film.

planting currant cuttings in the ground

  • At home. In this case, we plant houses in pots.

planting currant cuttings in the ground

It is believed that home planting is better, as the shoots are stronger and survive the winter better.

Choosing a landing site

Reproduction of black currant is considered simple, since it is not very demanding on environmental conditions. But 2 types of soil are best suited:

  1. Soil with good ventilation and moisture. She does not need a lot of sun, a constant small shadow is better. But, propagation of currants by cuttings in autumn is impossible in swampy and lowland areas. She will die from poisoning or lack of nutrients.

soil for planting currants

  1. Loamy soils. Berries grow well in medium to heavy loamy soil.

loamy soil

Planting pit preparation

The pit must be prepared one and a half months before the start of sowing.

If you cannot invest in this period, it is advisable to postpone at least 3 weeks. During this time, the gas station will be able to tamp down naturally.

If this is not done, the roots will begin to sink and you will need to transplant currants to a new place in the fall.

propagation of black currant by cuttings

All preparation fits into 6 stages:

  1. Digging a hole. The optimum depth is 50 centimeters. The width can be up to 60. Some seedlings do not fit the standard parameters and the pit for them must be of a different size. Here you need to take into account that the planting space should be 2 times larger than the root system.
  2. The first 15 centimeters of soil are best set aside. This is a fertile land and will serve as our fertilizer.

digging a hole for transplanting black currant cuttings

  1. We fold the fertile layer into a 15 centimeters pit. We also fertilize: 50 grams of superphosphate, 0.25 kilograms of ash, 5 kilograms of humus or compost.
  2. We mix the fertilizers thoroughly. It is better to do this with a construction mixer or a drill with a stirrer. So all the top dressing will be evenly distributed along the bottom.

black currant transplant by cuttings

  1. Now we throw in a thin layer of ordinary garden soil. This must be done so as not to burn the roots.
  2. Fill in a whole bucket of water.

black currant transplant

Under such conditions, the currant bush will produce an excellent harvest and bloom quickly. Moreover, for the winter it will have enough nutrients and water.

Preparing a seedling for planting

After it turned out to propagate the currants by cuttings in the fall, they need to be prepared before planting.

preparation of seedlings before planting

Currants have an open root system, so there will be no problems. You will need:

  1. Remove the remnants of the old earth. She remained after seedling and we do not need planting.
  2. Trim damaged roots. Mold, rot, diaper rash, creases – we cut it off with scissors. But don’t get carried away, you can break the roots.

propagation of black currant by cuttings

  1. Before disembarking, soak the roots in water for 2 hours. It is better to dilute any root growth stimulant in it.
  2. Until late autumn, you need to monitor the seedlings. Typically, the survival rate is 70%. If the bush starts to wither, it is better to dig it up right away.

reproduction of black currant roots

So they can be left until spring, or better until next fall.

How to transplant currants to a new place in the fall? For this you need:

  1. Find a new location. In general, it is better not to prepare the soil, but to plant currants in a place where there was previously buckwheat or potatoes. Low-lying and swampy soil is not suitable.

black currant transplant

  1. Digging a hole. 40 centimeters deep and 2 times wider than the root system.
  2. We fill up the fertilizers indicated above.
  3. Fill a bucket of water.

black currant transplant

Now, when the time comes to transplant currants, you can use this instruction.

At what distance to plant currants

The distance between the bushes must be respected so that they do not get entangled, both by branches and by roots. In currants, this is determined by the variety. They are very-medium-low-growing and strongly-medium-weakly spreading.

at what distance to plant currants

The distance is determined by the technology, how you want to grow it:

  1. Single shrub. If you do not need a large harvest or want to try to grow a separate variety, it is best to remove it at a distance of 2 meters.

at what distance to plant currants

  1. Radom. Frequent type of cultivation. In this case, it is necessary to find a distance that will not harm the bushes themselves and will allow them to develop normally. On average, it is 60 centimeters. If 2 or more rows are used, there must be a gap of at least 1.5 meters between them, as in the photo.

at what distance to plant currants

By the way, the distance between the fence (1.5 meters), residential buildings (from 2.5 meters) and fruit trees must also be observed. Currants have a detrimental effect on cherries, pears and apples, therefore, no closer than 3.5 meters.

at what distance to plant currant bushes

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