Engineering survey

Correctly performed engineering surveys for construction and other inspections bring many significant benefits to the investor. Such research is not just a bureaucratic procedure, but an opportunity to avoid a number of problems during installation. Private houses, summer cottages, industrial complexes, highways, communication systems – the involvement of experienced specialists will be an actual solution for the installation of absolutely any structures.

5 reasons to organize engineering studies before building

  1. Installation legalization. The construction of a structure is a long and laborious process, which without fail requires approval from the controlling structures. In most cases, it is necessary to submit reports from employees of the research company to the architecture authorities, which makes geotechnical surveys for construction and other checks mandatory in a number of situations. The scope of research is determined individually for each specific developer.
  2. Increasing the service life of the facility. Experts will advise on the optimal construction site with the required load-bearing properties. They will also help you think about measures to prevent uneven shrinkage and other emergencies.
  3. Reduced installation costs. The services of the research company employees will allow you to determine the right foundation (so you don’t have to pay for an unnecessarily solid foundation). Geologists will also help to discover valuable minerals on the territory (they can be sold) and prevent costly repairs (it may be required due to errors made during the calculations).
  4. Environmental Protection. If you carry out engineering and environmental surveys for construction in time, you can understand how the development will affect the nature, and then take the necessary measures to reduce the negative impact. So the client will not have problems with the regulatory authorities.
  5. Solving additional questions. Also, thanks to research work, it is possible to lay engineering networks, improve the site, drill a well in the right place, etc.

– 08.08