Deytsia is blooming - summer is coming

Vegetables and fruits are, of course, healthy products, but the soul also wants a holiday. To do this, it is worth finding out where you can buy ornamental shrubs, and start a flowering action bush at your dacha Then, without looking at the calendar, you can not miss the arrival of summer.

Summary of the article:


Seeing such beauty, you even forget that the action blooms odorless. White or pale pink flowers form brushes. The best flowering occurs on last year’s shoots. These shrubs are not whimsical at all:

  • grow on any soil,
  • do not require much maintenance,
  • they are drought tolerant,
  • perfectly tolerate the transplant,
  • resistant to disease.

The only thing that the action is afraid of is our frost. If there is no snow and the temperature is 30 ° C, then the branches die. To help the action to overwinter, you can cover it with dry leaves and wrap it with agrofibre, cover it with earth or snow. Even if the branches are frozen, the action very quickly grows new shoots, which sometimes even bloom in the same year.

The most winter-hardy is the Amur deytion (small-flowered). There are also such varieties as rough action (rough) and magnificent action (lush).

The action was unanimously recognized as a decorative pearl. Beauty is guaranteed if you plant the action along the paths or anywhere near the pond.

Growing and care

It is quite possible to plant them in the front garden of the city. After sowing, the action blooms in the third year. For good flowering, it is necessary to thin out overgrown bushes. It is recommended to apply liquid manure fertilizer immediately after pruning. The proportion of the solution is 1: 10. Watering is necessary only when the weather is very hot and dry. In early summer, shoots that are frozen in winter are also removed.

Decius reproduces to everyone:

  • and seeds
  • and layering,
  • and root processes,
  • and cuttings.

When sowing, the seeds are simply pressed to the ground (not buried). Shoots should appear in three weeks. You should know that the seeds of action remain viable for one to three years. During storage, it is important not to overdry them (store in a cool place). For propagation by cuttings, the second half of June is suitable.

At the beginning of October, during action, you can find seeds in capsule fruits. You can not strain and buy action ornamental shrubs ready for planting. In autumn, long-lasting leaves of a delicate yellow color give beauty until winter. Action, of course, deserves our attention and application in gardens and parks. It is no coincidence that it is so popular among gardeners.

– 04.06