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Many Russians have a dacha. This is a place where one rests with the soul and loads the body with physical work. And therefore, the topic of taking a shower is relevant. For this, a simple device or a heated country shower is built, which is used in any weather and season.

Summary of the article:

Heated outdoor shower for summer cottages: features

Showers in the country are mobile or stationary. They are united by one design feature – heated water comes from a container located above the bather’s head. Mobile models are easy to install and operate. In them, water is heated in a natural way – by solar heat. The trigger mechanism supplies water.

Such a garden shower is placed anywhere in the summer cottage. It is not connected to the water and electricity supply system.

Usually, a water tank is attached just above the average height of a person to any structure. It is easy to take a shower – the valve opens. Often the tanks are made black – this way the water heats up faster.

A heated outdoor shower is arranged in a completely different way – in the country. He has forced water heating. This makes it possible to use the device in any weather, when there is no way to heat the water in the sun. The shower is connected to the power supply network, and the water heating module is placed inside a container filled with water.

Water is supplied through a hose using a pump. Some models are equipped with a convenient watering can with a head lock and a temperature regulator.

With an adapter, such a shower can function from a car cigarette lighter.

Preparatory stage

It is easy to build a shower in the country with heating. But first, it is important to order a project that includes drawings and estimates. This will make it possible to calculate the amount of material, the amount of work to be done and the deadline for their completion. For such a structure, you do not need to use too expensive materials. It is important that they are practical and durable. A building of this type will require a flooded foundation.

Types of warm country showers

Showers to the dacha with heating come with a different heating scheme:

  • portable;
  • solar heated;
  • titanium;
  • solar panels;
  • electric heating.

We will tell you about the summer options in passing and in more detail – about the winter ones.


A simple view when water is poured into a bag with already heated water with a watering can. It is hung on a special rack. Sometimes they wait for the water to warm up gradually in the sun.

Solar heated

This shower uses natural energy and bathing is almost free. In this case, the structure can be erected from any material and a tank can be placed under the roof. It is recommended to mount reflectors near the tank – this will increase the rate of heating the water due to direct and reflected sunlight.

As reflectors it is worth using:

  • old mirrors;
  • sheet reflectors;
  • roll reflectors.


The titanium system involves the construction of a permanent outdoor shower for a heated summerhouse without solar energy. For this, coal or wood-fired titanium is usually used. The water heats up regardless of the weather. For greater heating efficiency, an expander is installed in a barrel or tank. This solution allows you to evenly distribute the flow of water.

It is important to know that such equipment is dangerous due to the use of open flames. Therefore, the titanium assembly should be entrusted to specialists. The boiler should be purchased of the highest quality from trusted companies. The equipment must meet all safety requirements and standards.

In such a shower, the walls, floor and ceiling are additionally covered with a heat-insulating layer and asbestos, which will protect the structure from fire. The external positioning of titanium requires a guardrail.

Electric heating

The electrically heated shower is quite in demand. It is constructively convenient. It provides an electric heating element. A significant disadvantage of the system is the high cost of operation – high power consumption, additional load on the network.

It should be optimized, wiring strong, safety top notch, sockets and switches grounded and protected from moisture.

Solar panels

This is an innovative type of system. In the complete set of the heated winter shower for summer cottages, there are vacuum collectors operating from the energy of the sun. Such a setting:

  • effective;
  • practical;
  • safe;
  • durable;
  • the price is high.

Initially, panels of vacuum tubes should be provided on the roof. They are capable of storing energy. Such panels do not need additional power sources, as they operate on solar energy, converting it into thermal energy.

Materials (edit)

Typically, the design of the structure takes into account the material required for the installation work. A heated winter shower for a summer cottage is often built of bricks. But it will be worth a lot. Cheaper wooden models.

The shower plan sometimes provides for a changing room, the dimensions of which are determined by each project separately.

Wooden buildings look aesthetically pleasing, but their service life is shorter than brick ones. To extend it, it is recommended to provide an effective ventilation system inside and be sure to treat the boards with a protective compound against moisture and fire.

Nowadays, polycarbonate heated garden showers are popular. This material has a moderate weight, high strength and resistance to external negative effects of various factors. According to the project, the height of such a booth is usually 2.5 m, width – at least 1 m, depth – 1.2 m.

The frame cladding is made of wooden beams, metal pipes or profiles. For the upper part of the structure, a flooring is used on which a water barrel is mounted. Sheet plastic is distinguished by its moisture resistance. Durable material with a high anti-corrosion indicator – corrugated board. It is structurally simple and quick to assemble.

Shower arrangement

The winter view of a garden shower is when the water is heated by the sun in summer, and by a heating element in winter.

Frame installation

For installation, they clear and plan a place, determine the angle of inclination for wastewater. The frame is assembled from an aluminum profile, which easily takes the desired shape and is simply attached. The supports should be secured for horizontal and vertical overlap and placement at the top of the tank.

Also suitable for the frame:

  • wooden blocks of wood;
  • metal pipes;
  • plastic pipes.


The side walls of the dacha shower are made of sheet material. This could be:

  • brick;
  • building blocks;
  • tongue-and-groove gypsum boards;
  • expanded clay concrete blocks;
  • GVLV;
  • GKLV.

The main thing is that the material is moisture resistant, does not create too large loads on the base – the foundation, have a good thermal insulation performance.

Water tanks

They come in plastic and steel. For the production of the latter, stainless or galvanized steel, high-quality metal is used. Sometimes a layer of thermal insulation is made between the roof and the tank, reflectors or a protective film are placed.


Usually, for a heated shower, drainage is done in the country using tires and a drainage pit. A ditch is pre-dug, a drainage layer of crushed stone or sand is laid, a pipeline is installed. When planning the floor covering, it is worth considering the angle of inclination for a good drain. As they fill, clean the drain pit.


So that the room does not have a bad smell from the drain pit, it is important to install a high-quality ventilation system. To do this, a protective mesh is laid over the pit and covered with boards. A sewer barrel is sometimes placed in the pit.

Warming the room

Heated showers are good at any time of the year, including in winter. Therefore, the building should be insulated. For this, foam, expanded polystyrene or mineral wool is suitable. They are fixed with a stapler. Sheathed with decorative material on top.