Decorative stone elements as an integral part of landscape design

In the landscape design of the territory – the main quality and functionality. Decorative compositions and granite objects in garden plots began to gain popularity. In our catalog of granite stones you can find rocks of different origins and colors, see general and different characteristics. The stone plays a very important function – it protects the product from wear, moisture and mechanical damage. Granite is a very wear-resistant material; it can be used both as cladding, creating original individual architectural elements, and in combination with other materials. It will add sophistication and make the exterior more harmonious.

Summary of the article:

Scopes of stone in landscape design

For garden plots and the local area there is a wide range of applications for granite stone: water structures, bridges and crossings, gazebos, part of the composition of plants, volumetric objects. These small architectural forms perfectly complement the overall style of the garden and make the place harmonious.

If space permits, then the ideal option would be to build a large water structure (reservoir) with bifurcation of bridges and paths, various obstacles. Granite stone can be used as a base material for construction or as cladding. For all sorts of crossings on reservoirs, it is better to use a large stone (which can be given any shape).

In addition, granite stone plays an important role in landscaping the garden: with its help, you can create and strengthen alpine slides from plants, refresh the space.

This material is indispensable for the construction of decorative paths in the garden. Due to the different size and texture, you can make an original drawing of any complexity.

Benefits of using granite stone in design

Granite is a natural strong material. Among its main advantages, you need to remember about:

  • wear resistance. It can withstand heavy mechanical stress and strong pressure;
  • moisture resistance. It is not a porous material, so water does not penetrate inside and does not spoil the structure. Fungi and mold do not form on its surface;
  • the presence of many natural colors and shades with various unique patterns.

After polishing, the stone is practically not abraded or chipped, it does not require additional restoration or special care. There are three main types of grains in the composition: large, medium and small. Easy to clean and not sensitive to acids. Often performs the function of strengthening the soil (it becomes an obstacle for landslides).

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