Bedroom design with 3D wallpaper: expert advice

Renovation in any room is not easy. If you are considering transforming your bedroom, first write down your goals. They can be compiled by answering the following questions:

  • What do you want to see in the end? What should be the bedroom after renovation? You want to visually expand the space, or simply transform the room in a modern style.
  • What emotions do you want to receive? The answer to this question will tell you what colors to use on the walls, on the floor, on the ceiling, in the decor.
  • What style will the design be? Perhaps you want a Provence style bedroom? Or are you attracted to high-tech technology?

The answer to these main questions will ask you a direction vector, with the help of which, it will be easier for you to make repairs. But for a complete understanding and detail, you can think about the following aspects:

  • What kind of furniture do you like? This will determine what kind of decor should be chosen, for example, for white furniture, you can choose gray or bright things. And under dark furniture, in contrast, white decor elements are perfect.
  • What color to choose textiles and decor?
  • What finishing materials will you use for walls and ceilings? Here, focus on your financial capabilities, and we recommend that you pay attention to the latest technologies. They will simplify your choice of materials, and the design will help make the room unique – these are beautiful 3D wallpaper for the bedroom.

Thinking to buy 3D wallpaper for the room? You will not regret this choice. With the help of 3D art wallpaper, you can make your bedroom unique. Choose a 3d wallpaper in the Picwalls online store, beautiful design 2021. But it should be noted that the bedroom is a relaxation area where we relax after a hard day, gain strength and energy. And you should choose images in soothing colors, perhaps beige or turquoise shades.

Advantages of photo wallpaper in the bedroom 3D

To understand what a photo wallpaper in a room is, and how to use it, you need to know what it consists of. Wallpaper with a 3D effect consists of the following materials:

  • Paper and non-woven base;
  • Non-woven vinyl covering;
  • Self-adhesive base, helps to quickly glue the wallpaper to the entire wall.

The main advantage of 3D wallpaper in the bedroom is the ability to choose the pattern that you want and will reflect your thoughts, delight you every day. The variety of 3D wallpaper designs in the bedroom interior will make it possible to create a unique space for relaxation. For example, wall murals in the bedroom 3D can be: abstract or panoramic; nature or city can be depicted; sea ​​or mountains; waterfall or jungle; space or frescoes and other pictures.

The second important advantage is the 3d bedroom wallpaper format. Can be used both for a small bedroom and for a living room. In Picwalls, you can order, for example, wall murals for the bedroom that expand the space, of any format. Or a great option, to pick up an interesting print with flowers in a small bedroom and decorate it over the bed. Photo wallpaper in the bedroom above the bed is a good design solution. They will complement the interior and bring zest to the space, and not distract your attention with abstraction or bas-relief, but give you the opportunity to relax. But if you want to contemplate 3D wallpaper in the interior of a bedroom in the form of a forest or a beach, then we recommend placing such a photo in front of the bed.

How to choose wallpaper for the bedroom

There remains a very important question, how to choose wallpaper for the bedroom, we recommend the following:

  • Depending on your preference for the image, be it feathers, dandelions, lavender or a painting with roses, the drawings should be combined with the rest of the walls and floor. To do this, take a 3d wallpaper for the walls in the bedroom photo and compare with the colors of the rest of the coatings. At least one color should overlap, for example, there are shades of gold in the picture and on the opposite wall. With a dark floor, for example, perspective images will be combined.

  • In the bedroom, choose light, pastel colors of drawings, maximum burgundy shades. Turquoise will also look harmonious in this space. Reds, purples or bright yellows do not contribute to relaxation, therefore they are not suitable for the bedroom.

  • Match your interior design and furniture. For example, in Feng Shui, for a bedroom, choose calm images, laconic furniture that brings harmony and peace.
  • Pay attention to the combination of price and quality.

Wallpaper for the bedroom photo ideas

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