Armored doors from the manufacturer: profitable and reliable

Choosing an armored door for a private house, apartment, office, industrial premises, buyers often face difficulties when choosing a model, seller and manufacturer. Almost every residential and non-residential building has so-called armored doors. True, not all products that are offered in stores are in fact such. Only certified door structures that meet the requirements of DSTU EN 1627-2014 for burglary resistance classes 2-6 can provide reliable protection of property.

Brief content of the article:

How do armored doors differ from conventional steel doors?

Armored doors actually have nothing to do with armor. This concept, used in everyday life, means burglar-proof metal doors. The canvas consists of metal sheets with stiffening ribs, the inner space is filled with a sealant. Armored structures differ from conventional steel structures:

  • using solid iron plates:
  • sheet thickness;
  • the presence of stiffeners: horizontal and vertical;
  • reinforced locks, hinge protection.

The main task of the armored door is to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the building, office, apartment. A burglar-proof door reliably protects the room from burglary attempts, the higher the class, the longer.

How to choose certified burglar-proof doors

In DSTU EN 1627-2014, products are divided into categories. The best option for an apartment, a residential building, an office space, according to Ideal experts, a company that manufactures armored structures – is the 3rd and 4th class. 1-2 are not reliable enough, they can be opened with simple improvised tools. 5-6th – premium class, purchased for notary offices, banks, places of storage of important documents, especially valuable property.

Outwardly, it is almost impossible to distinguish between ordinary steel and burglar-resistant products. To ensure high-quality protection of housing and property, choose an armored door with:

  • thickness of steel sheets not less than 2 mm;
  • weighing from 80 kg;
  • powerful heavy box;
  • two external locks – cylinder and safe (lever) locks;
  • a latch-night light.

Reliable doors together with locks will cost about 20 thousand hryvnia, excluding installation. If possible, purchase products directly from the manufacturer, without intermediaries. Thus, you will buy the product at a reasonable price and with a quality guarantee. Ideal provides a 10-year warranty. It is also advisable to order door installation services directly from the seller.

It’s important to know

Before buying, be sure to pay attention to a number of important points.

  1. Carefully read the characteristics of the product and the certificate for the product (in online stores, electronic versions of documents are posted on the website).
  2. The armored door must resist the use of physical force and intellectual hacking.
  3. Installation is carried out taking into account the specifics of the metal structure and premises.
  4. Do not forget about the use of additional protection methods: video surveillance, protective shutters, alarm.

A cylinder lock is installed as the main lock, the armor plate must be resistant to drilling. Manganese armor plate is good for protecting the safe lock.

If the premises are being renovated, it is recommended to temporarily install a cheap cylinder lock for the period of work.

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