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If you want to purchase 3d wall murals with an attractive print, then you must first study their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages


– The first and, most likely, the most important advantage is the variety of designs, colors and patterns. They depend on the wishes of the buyer. Using your drawings and photographs, it is necessary that they are of high quality and can be resized to fit the dimensions of the wall. As a result, the room will look unusual.

– Correctly selected wallpaper visually makes the boundaries of the room wider, visually lower or raise the ceilings, improve the perception of a very elongated room.

– If you choose the right photo wallpaper, then they will help in the zoning of the territory, which is very important for studio apartments and spacious premises.

– Most modern manufacturers produce 3d wallpaper that does not fade even from ultraviolet rays. They will have their original appearance over the years. They are also more durable than classic paper wallpapers. This result is achieved thanks to a special coating.

– 3d Wallpaper will not be damaged by grease and moisture. They will not soften and break off. They can be washed and wiped with a damp cloth. But even this version of wallpaper is undesirable to glue in the bathroom or close to the sink located in the kitchen.

– If the walls are rather rough, then thanks to the unmistakably selected photo wallpaper, you can perfectly hide them, without spending a lot of time and money on leveling the walls, thanks to the use of drywall.


– The first and obvious disadvantage of photowall-paper is its high cost. They are of high quality and therefore their price is not low.

– This type of wallpaper requires a special preparation of the walls, more diligent than for standard wallpaper. The wall should be absolutely flat, free from various potholes, bulges and cracks and a uniform white color. Otherwise, the result from the use of photowall-paper will become uncertain.

Wall murals are often made of canvases that have a fairly solid width. This is done in order to have a minimum number of seams, and it is often difficult to glue them alone.

– Drawing on photowall-paper is not only a solid advantage, when it evokes positive emotions from its beautiful appearance. But even if the image was chosen incorrectly, then it is also an obvious drawback when it gets bored and even worse if it starts to cause irritation.

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