Advantages and disadvantages of metal siding

The use of metal (steel) siding, with its appearance imitating such a building material as timber, for cladding the facades of houses is becoming an increasingly popular way to protect buildings from adverse external influences, which also performs an aesthetic function.

FRONTMASTER metal siding panels in Dmitrov have a multilayer structure, inside which, most often, there is galvanized steel. And on the outside, they are either painted using the powder spraying method, or a polymer coating is applied to them. In the latter case, one of the following types of coatings is used to create a thin protective film:

A) polyvinyl chloride;

B) polyurethane;

B) acrylate;

D) polyester;

E) polyvinylidene fluoride.

Today siding is a widely demanded and popular building material on And this is due to the presence of a number of positive qualities in him. Below are some of them.

The operating temperature range at which steel siding can be used is in the range of -40 … + 70 ° C. Moreover, no sharp temperature drops can harm this material with a small coefficient of linear thermal expansion.
Metal siding panels do not burn and, therefore, can be used as fire protection, as an additional measure to prevent fires.
Steel siding is an environmentally friendly building material that is resistant to mold and mildew.
It can be used even in aggressive environments due to the high chemical and corrosion resistance of steel siding.
Metal siding panels have a sufficiently high strength, which makes it possible to use them even in the construction of objects without fences.
When decorating the facades of houses, thermal insulation materials can be laid between the metal siding panels and the walls, and, thereby, making the building warmer, at the same time, reducing heating costs. At the same time, it will be easier for homeowners to maintain the necessary microclimate in it, thanks to the ventilated structure.
Metal siding is easy to install, so this work can be done even without the involvement of professional builders.
Siding panels practically do not change their size when heated.
This building material is made in a wide variety of colors.

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