About switchboard equipment from the manufacturer

The main specialization of our company is the production of electrical panels. All devices in the catalog are fully equipped and ready to use. It is possible to manufacture new products according to an individual plan, taking into account specific parameters.

The company cooperates with reliable suppliers, therefore the switchboard equipment is manufactured only from high-quality components and materials. The unified GOST standard is carefully observed.

Product range

All manufactured switchboards and switchboard equipment are universal, which allows them to be placed both indoors and outdoors (having the necessary climatic characteristics).

The company offers to purchase ready-made options:

  • power cabinets;
  • distribution panels;
  • electrical panels;
  • equipment for switchboards.

The company TOV “Buton” compares favorably with competing firms in that it supplies equipment at affordable prices. Available resources allow us to manufacture specialized equipment in any area. The low cost is due to the fact that there are no resellers and intermediaries between the buyer and the manufacturer.

Benefits from cooperation

It is worth noting immediately the high quality of the products and the affordable cost. The company cares about its customers, which is reflected in a convenient delivery system.

Particular emphasis is placed on multifunctional equipment designed to solve the following tasks:

  • self-acceptance, distribution and metering of electricity;
  • adjusting various indicators;
  • performance of signaling functions and notifications;
  • increasing the level of security and protection.

The company values ​​its reputation, so all equipment goes through several stages of verification. In addition, specialists take into account changes in norms and requirements. Compliance with norms and standards allows us to produce reliable and high-quality equipment. The company TOV “Buton” is fully confident in the quality of the products, therefore the client is provided with guarantees.

When a customer submits an application for the manufacture of equipment, he must indicate the parameters of the required device, its technical equipment and select an electrical circuit suitable for a specific task. Employees will assist in choosing, as TOV “Buton” is aimed at long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.

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